The Best Scratch Free Snow Brush

Winter is here, and it’s time to get ready with your snow shovels, scrapers, and brushes. If you own a car, then you must have experienced the frustration that occurs when you step out of the door and painstakingly shovel your way through your snow-covered driveway, only to find your car buried underneath a layer of frost. You then spend the next hour in the freezing cold, trying to scrape every last piece of ice away from the windshield and doors of your vehicle, with an old and worn out snow brush.

But even if that old brush somehow manages to do the job, you are not getting the best cleaning experience with it, and it is gradually taking a toll on the windshields and side panels of your vehicle. Below, we have featured 4 of the most reliable and well-designed scratch-free snow brushes for you to choose from. Take a look and see if there is one which suits your needs, since most of them are pretty similarly priced.

Subzero Hopkins Ice Crusher Pivoting Snowbroom

SubZero 16619 51' Ice Crusher Dual Head Pivoting Snowbroom and Squeegee with Integrated Ice...
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What you get from Subzero is 40 years experience in the winter snow and ice tools category. Currently, this is the best and most reliable scratch-free ice scraper that you can buy. It is excellent for removing all types of snow from the top of your car, and can reach every nook and cranny including the very tight spaces that are present on the side mirrors, near the windshield wipers, on the edges of the door windows, and even the areas under your car’s door handles. The telescopic beam is extremely rigid and does not flex at all, even when you extend it out all the way to its maximum length of 51”.

It feels really lightweight to your hand despite being super tough. The rear end has seperate frost and ice blades. This snowbroom will break the ice but not scratch the windshield or paint on your car, so you can use this section to crack through frozen rain or thin sheets of ice that have been hardened after 1-2 days of formation on your cars windows and roof.

The grip is padded with textured foam, making it super easy to hold. The textured and middle section on the handle ensures an optimal grip, even when you are wearing thick gloves. Weight is 1.1 pounds, and dimensions when retracted are 25” x 4” x 4”.

Telescoping Ice Scraper and Snow Brush By Kovot

Kovot Telescoping Ice Scraper and Snow Brush - Extends from 17' to 24'
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The KOVOT telescoping ice scraper tool is more of a compact hand-held snow shovel rather than an actual telescopic snow scraper or snow broom. It measures 17” when not extended, and if you extend the telescopic aluminum rod that rests within the handle section, you will be able to gain an additional 7” of length, i.e. the brush will measure 24” long. This is nothing compared to the 55” maximum length on the BirdRock, and is much shorter than any other tool on this list. However, this is not intended to do the same type of work as the other models on this list.

The KOVOT is perfect for clearing snow and hardened frost on small vehicles such as hatchbacks, compact sedans, and station wagons. It is not intended to be used on SUVs, coupes, luxury cars, etc. The width of the cleaning head is optimal for clearing out snow of all types and thickness. The bristles are tough, and have rounded edges so that they won’t scratch the window glass or paint on your car. You will find this brush extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver because of its small size. The aluminum construction and premium plastic handle ensures that you will never have to buy another snow clearing brush for a very long time.

Superio Extendable Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee & Ice Scraper - Eva Foam Comfort Grip on Aluminum Handle,...
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Superio has created a truly easy to use and highly effective snow removal tool for car owners, and with the help of their extendable brush you can deal with virtually any type of frost. The cleaning head is 10.5 inches in width, and is attached to the extendable pole arm via a pivoting joint. This pivoting joint allows the brush head to align itself with the pole arm for easy storage. You can comfortably flip open the cleaning head whenever you need to remove the snow from your car’s windshield, or you can use the scraper at the rear to scrape away hardened layers of ice from the windows.

The cleaning head has two separate edges – one is fitted with tough bristles for sweeping away thick layers of loose and soft snow, while the other side is equipped with a hard rubber lining to deal with smaller pieces and spots of snow/ice. There is a scraper head on the back of the pole, which is best used to remove thin layers of hardened snow or ice. A comfortable foam handle on the telescopic pole arm ensures that you are able to maintain a steady grip in all conditions. The aluminum handle is rust-free, and it can extend from 36” to 55”.

Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Too

SNOBRUM – Snow Remover for Cars and Trucks – 28 to 48 Inch Automotive Snow Brush with Foam...
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At first look, the Sno Brum snow removal tool may not seem like much. But when you take a closer look at this simple looking, yet super effective tool, you’ll realize that it is indeed a very reliable and easy to operate scraper. The clearing head is very wide from edge to edge, and features a trapezoidal backside. This unique sloped design around the edges allows you to clear snow in a push-pull motion, since the resistance which is created by pulling the scraper towards you in order to scrape snow off your car is highly minimized because of the sloped edges.

The aluminum telescopic handle is rust-free, and can extend from 17” to 28”. Total length can go from 19” to 30” (since the cleaning head is an extra 2” on top of the handle length). The face plates are metal free to minimize scratching and damage of your car’s windshield. The snow removal head features foam inserts to gently sweep away snow from the top of your car, and can easily reach into the tightest nooks and crannies of your vehicle. There are hard plates (non-metal, non-scratching) embedded into the foam layer, and these are used for scraping away hard ice layers.

Choosing the Best Scratch Free Snow Brush

If you have been using a normal handheld housecleaning brush or scraper to clear the snow and ice from your car, you will notice that the glass on the windshield and side windows appears to be slightly scratched at some places, especially around the corners. This scratching is because you are using a brush with super hard bristles, or a makeshift scraping tool that was never designed for this job. You do get the snow off your car, but you spend more time and get sub-optimal results, while damaging the glass and paint-job. Not good, right?

Well then, why not get yourself a specialized tool for the job? Something like a scratch-free snow brush or car scraper tool would be great, and they are extremely inexpensive as well. You can find a good one for less than the price of a couple pizzas, and they even include telescopic handles so that you can fold them into a smaller size and stash them away in the tool box or garage.

Before buying one of these though, you need to know the difference between a good scraper and a bad scraper. The bad models will typically be built with cheap materials such as plastics, and most of them will have unreliable locking mechanisms for the telescopic handle. Bad snow brushes and scrapers also feature plastic grips, which will crack over time as you apply pressure during the scraping process. These plastic handles are also very hard to grip because they tend to be somewhat slippery.

The worst ones will use narrow and thin plastic scraping heads with sub-optimal designs that won’t move a lot of snow at a time, and their edges often tend to be rough or jagged- this is something that could cause scratches on the windshield or side panels. Cheap brushes even have weak cleaning heads that may break off or crack in the middle of a snow removal session, transforming your snow brush into a plastic stick.

So which brushes are the good ones? It’s actually really simple – they don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive ones, but you can tell if a brush is built well or not if you take a look at the materials used in its construction. Good brushes will use aluminum for the telescopic rods, neoprene coated rubber grips that are ergonomically designed, reliable locking systems for the brush head and telescoping rods, and they will simply feel and look more premium than a cheap model.

You will also get better warranties with the better brushes, something which proves that the manufacturer believes in their product, and this will make you feel more secure about your purchase since you know that the company has you covered if the product malfunctions/breaks due to a manufacturing or design error.