The Best Silk Palm Trees

Silk palm trees deliver an appealing style statement for both indoor and outdoor decoration, thanks to their splendid trunks, beautiful leaves, uplifting aura and an outstanding style. With the current state of invention and innovation, present day the best silk Palm trees provide nearly the same style and impression as living palms. They bring a supreme tropic vibe thus adding a lovely feel to your home space.

Guests always associate them with the utmost relaxation and luxury due to their thick foliage coupled with charmingly vibrant shades of green. So, if you wish to introduce a sense of warmth, calm and superfluity to your space, silk palm trees are all you need. Below are some of the best silk palm trees that will definitely bring elegance in your space.

Nearly Natural Palm Silk Tree

Nearly Natural 5326 8ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree,Green
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With thick emerald leaves, lifelike, segmented trunk, this Nearly Natural silk palm will effectively help you introduce natural life in your home décor. It stands an impressive eight feet tall and does not require any maintenance, making this realistic, beautiful tree ideal candidate for an entryway, office or living room. Use its beautifully segmented trunk and full green leaves to bring a taste of paradise to your treasured area.

If you love the tropical beach, this tree will serve you best. It stands tall and proud; its sufficiently long and bushy emerald leaves will adequately shield you from the sunshine, if you are using it on the exterior, or you can simply imagine doing so, when using it indoors.

The tree is made of plastic, polyester and iron wire meaning it is sturdy and hence will stand the test of time. It also measures 55 inches in diameter making it suitable for even some small spaces. Its planter is equally compact (about ten inches in diameter and height) and it will occupy a negligible space in your home or office.

Sago Silk Palm Tree

Nearly Natural 5043 4ft. Sago Silk Palm Tree,Green,36x36x48
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The Sago Palm Tree, constructed from silk, stands a striking 4-feet tall. It delivers a realistic vibrancy and color thereby providing a convincing natural accent to your office, living room or any other space of choice. It is sizable enough to transform any space while at the same time compact enough to available space in your room. You will love each of its attractive sections; from its rich olive green leaves all the way to its strong, spiny trunk.

The tree looks so natural and beautiful you might experience a yen to water it. The package includes an elegant wicker basket that you can use to add style to your living room, office or any other chosen space. Its 28 beautiful deep green palm leaves create a stylish impression. Sago Palm Tree’s abundant accent is ideal for any office or home.

Golden Cane Palm Tree

Nearly Natural 5289 6.5ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree,Green
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This silk palm tree stands six and a half feet tall and features silk foliage and multiple trunks that sport a total of 333 palm fronds making it one of the best silk palm trees worth your consideration. Take advantage of its more than six feet of stately beauty, coupled with the versatile container and easily shaped foliage, to give your home or office a tropical flair. The tree will leave you feeling like you’re always on vacation; it creates a brilliant atmosphere in any space that you put it.

The 6.5-inch tall Silk Tree features a lifelike natural appearance. Additionally, its polyester materials provide durability and minimal maintenance for several years to come. The tree is also suitable for any room including office waiting room, commercial business space, and living rooms. It is even appropriate for the covered courtyard, where leaves would then sway freely in the breeze.

Areca Palm Silk Plant

Nearly Natural Areca Palm with Vase Silk Artificial Plant, 42' x 11' x 11', Green - 6651
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Areca Silk Plant is a bright decorative plant that stands 3 inches tall. Its natural-looking green hue, durable polyester construction and multi-leveled build that showcase an outstanding amount of foliage add a realistic finish to your décor.

The plant will, therefore, truthfully brighten up your office or home. Its lush green leaves will never drop or fade, a feature that means it will not only require little maintenance but also remain gorgeous for many years to come. Ideal for indoor use, this silk plant is a fantastic choice for adding luxury greenery to any commercial reception area, conference room or residential space.

This Areca palm tree’s decorative two-toned vase fits as a beautiful centerpiece for your upcoming occasion. It is a floral exhibition that certainly attracts attention, a fact that makes it a good bargain accessory that will never disappoint.

Choosing the Best Silk Palm Trees

Below are features you should look for when purchasing silk palm trees to ensure you find the product that works in your office or home.

Realistic Appearance: The trees should appear real and fresh, and as such you should settle for silk plants with glossy leaves and petals since they have a lifelike look. Also, make sure their flowers have vibrant colors that natural trees possess. These features are particularly crucial because when you are replacing real plants with silk trees since the new look will not capture the attention of your guests.

Durability: Buy Silk palm trees made of durable materials such as metals (for the frame), plastic and polyester. Since the trees will not outgrow your space, you want to get a product that will give you value for your money by serving you for a long time. Consequently, before you even discuss the price, make sure it is made of long-lasting materials.

Ease of Cleaning: Artificial plants can get dirty and dusty after a while thus losing their vibrancy. If your office or home furniture has a tendency of easily picking up dust, choose silk plants with broad leaves and petals since because they are a lot easier to clean. Additionally, make sure the silk plants you buy are not too complicated to occasionally dust using a blow drier.