The Best Straightening Brush for Curly Hair

So why do you need a hair straightening brush if you already have an iron? Isn’t an iron enough for de-curling, straightening, and styling? Well, yes it is. But a hair straightening brush doesn’t just straighten or uncurl your hair, it does it much more neatly and efficiently than an iron. Hair straightener brushes are shaped like regular hair brushes (the ones with nylon bristles), which means that you can handle them much more easily compared to a clamshell-style hair iron that is bound to be much heavier and bigger than a similarly priced hair straightening brush.

Also, hair irons tend to apply much more direct force on the hair, by clamping it between two hot ceramic plates. This can damage sensitive hair, rendering these devices useless for a vast number of users out there who have thin, damaged, or simply sensitive hair. Also, there is always the risk of rubbing one of the plates on your scalp which could result in you burning your head.

If you’re ready to purchase your brand new hair straightening brush, then take a look at the 4 best straightening brushes that we have listed below. They are all designed to deal with curly hair, and come with advanced safety features such as auto shutoff, temperature lock, anti-scalding, etc. Choose the one that you think would be the best for your hair type, since each brush has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Gisala Metal Ceramic Heater Hair Straightening Brush

Gisala Metal Ceramic Heater Hair Straightening Brush, Auto Lock, Anti Scald, Zero Damage,...
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The Gisala hair straightening brush is our top pick, as well as one of the most famous straightening brushes currently available on the market. It is applauded by regular users, hair stylists, and reviewers because of its incredibly ergonomic design, superb safety features, powerful instant heating, and lightweight design. First, let us talk about the design of the body and its weight.

This brush feels no different from a standard nylon bristle hair brush in your hand, and it barely weighs 1.2 pounds. That is WITH the cord, and the cord is heavily braided and attached to a 360 degree spin pivot joint so that you can comfortably maneuver this brush without having to worry about getting tangled in power cables. The instant heating means that you just plug it in, and it will be ready to be used in less than a minute.

The neon backlighting on the LCD display allows you to comfortably read the temps even in low light, and a 30-minute auto shutoff ensures that you never accidentally leave it on and burn something. The brush plate is made from ceramic coated with titanium, which allows heat to be dissipated evenly and quickly across your hair, so each single strand of hair is treated the same way, and you will get a consistent wave-like pattern across your shiny, silky smooth hair.

Chic Republic Ceramic Iron Straightening Brush

CHIC REPUBLIC New Hair Straightener Brush, Ceramic Iron Straightening, Silky Straight Hair,...
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The CHIC REPUBLIC Professional Hair Straightening Brush surely lives up to its name, as it incorporates certain features that are normally only found on salon grade hair straightening brushes. It also performs incredibly well, better than most brushes priced nearly twice as high. While it does lack some advanced digital preset functions and doesn’t have a titanium-coated ceramic plate, you must know that it performs at par with a lot of salon grade hair straightening brushes in terms of heat production and distribution.

The anti-static coating on the bristles prevents your hair from getting snagged in the brush, and the instant-heat allows this brush to be ready for use within 30 seconds of being plugged into a power outlet. The bristles feature ball tips, and the entire unit weighs just 1.4 pounds with the cord, which is again completely tangle-free and attached to a 360 degree rotating joint. An auto shutoff feature ensures that you never accidentally leave it on, and the brush comes with replacement silicon tips as well as a velvet carry pouch.

UBeauty Hair Straightener Brush

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This beauty of a digital hair straightening brush from Ubeauty is an extremely powerful and highly intuitive appliance that’s loaded with some really top-notch design features as far as hair brushes are concerned. First, the powerful heating system ensures that you are ready to brush your hair within just 30 seconds of plugging it in. The healthy hair anti-anion conditioning allows you to comfortably brush your hair without having to worry about tangles, broken hair, etc., which could result from static buildup between the hair and the bristles.

What we loved the most however, was the fact that this straightening brush comes with 7 different temperature presets. The comb teeth are anti-scald, and the auto lock feature will lock the temperature setting after 3 seconds of selection, meaning that you won’t accidentally change the heat level while brushing your hair. An auto shutoff function will instantly switch off the brush if it is left on for more than 30 minutes, although you can lower that timer from the settings.

ISA Professional Original Digital Hair Straightening Brush

ISA Professional Original Digital Hair Straightening Brush Straightener
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Featuring a 100% titanium ceramic brush plate and anti-anion coating on the bristles, this hair straightener brush will give you an extremely smooth experience and can straighten your curled up hair within a few minutes thanks to the powerful instant heating that is controlled digitally. There are several presets in this brush, which allow you to change the temperature between 330F and 450F depending on your hair type.

Auto shutoff will automatically turn off the heating plate whenever the iron is not in use, and you can use it to create standard waves or even beachy waves. The entire unit feels very light in the hands, since it weighs only 1.2 pounds, even with the hassle-free 360 degree braided cord. This hair brush comes with certain accessories, and includes a 2-year warranty.

Choosing the Best Straightening Brush for Curly Hair

So what do hair straightening brushes have to offer, that makes them better than the good old hair irons? Well first of all, they combine a hair iron and a brush into one device. You don’t have to brush your hair with a regular bristle brush after you straighten it, since both are done at the same time. Secondly, these are much easier to handle and are safer for your scalp since they use only one plate, which is mounted on the base of the bristles. These hot plates are usually made of ceramic, and are coated with hair nourishing layers, as well as anti-static materials.

Look for hair straightening brushes that give you the option to adjust the temperature of the hot plate. This is an especially important feature, since everyone has different types of hair, and the health of the hair varies from person to person. People with thick hair cuticles, or rough hair might need a higher temperature setting in order to smooth out the curls. However, users with thin, damaged, and sensitive hair might want low-medium amounts of heat while ironing/brushing their hair.

Also, look for anti-scalding whenever you buy a hair straightening brush. This feature prevents the hair brush hot plate from scalding your scalp or excessively damaging your hair. Hair brushes with an auto shutoff timer are even better, and always get a hair brush with a digital readout on the back or handle that shows the temperature of the plate, selected preset, etc. Anion hair care reduces the number of negatively charged ions generated while brushing your hair, and this means that you can smoothly brush your hair without having to worry about generating static or pulling/getting stranded.