The Best Toddler Bathroom Stool

Bathroom stools are an essential accessory that you must have in the house if there is a toddler. Not only are these toddler stools important for your child’s potty training regimes, but they will also allow him or her to climb up and reach the sink or toilet seat without needing any sort of assistance from your side. Take a moment and think before you buy a toddler stool for your little tot, since cheaply manufactured products can often breakdown without warning, causing injurious to your child when you least expect it.

Now, we are more than sure than you’ll never cheap out when it comes to the safety of your child, and will strive to buy the safest and most well-constructed stools on the market. But often, manufacturers label a cheaply made stool with a fancy name and charge a premium for a product that is probably not worth even half of what it is labeled at. To save your child from any unforeseen mishaps, do some research on the brand and model before you go ahead and order any such stool. Below, we have listed some of the most popular toddler stools on the market, so take your pick and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Secure Home Dual Height Step Stool for Toddler

Dual Height Step Stool (Pack of 1, Gray)
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This is not just any step up stool, rather it is one of the most well-designed and safe to use toddler step up stools that we have ever reviewed. The stool is made from a single solid piece of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about cracks or worn down joints. And this is not just your run of the mill plastic, it is built to withstand up to 150 pounds of weight! Meaning that an average woman could stand on the top of this stool, and it would still hold her weight.

Now, the best part is the weight of this 2-level stool – just 2.1 pounds. You can train your little tot to slide it across the floor or carpet, and he or she can then proceed to use the bathroom sink without needing the assistance of any parents. Potty training is super easy to do with this chair, just buy the inexpensive potty training attachment that is sold separately and you’re good to go. And oh, did we mention that there is also a couple of handles on either side of this stool? These are cut-in handles on the plastic body, with soft rubber lining that makes it extremely easy for almost anybody to pick up this stool.

The bottom step is nearly 5.5” deep, and the top step is about 6.75” deep. This puts the entire stool at nearly 12.2 inches tall, with a length of about 14” and a width of 10.3”. There are anti-slip rubber pads on all 4 feet, and two rubber pads, one on each step to support the feet of your toddler that will prevent him or her from slipping while climbing up. This stool will work on all surfaces, and you also get a lifetime warranty with each purchase. The Jessa Leona Toddler’s Stool for Potty Training and General Use is a versatile stool to help your growing and curious toddler get round and about the house with a measure of independence.

Built to be safe, sturdy and versatile, it will give your toddler the boost they need to perform essential tasks such as reaching the potty seat on their own to brushing their teeth at the sink and getting by on their own at the dinner table. The two step design means the stool remains useful for several years. As your child grows taller and more adept, they will need to use the top step less often. As the stool is structurally strengthened to carry up to 150 pounds of weight at a go without cracking, your child will always be safe. For toilet training purposes, the manufacturer recommends the stool is used alongside the company’s own Jessa Leona toilet training seat.

Bumbo Step Stool

Bumbo Step Stool Black
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Let’s say you are looking for a simple single-step toddler stool that your child can use to sit on while playing, eating, or even for potty training. Maybe he just isn’t big enough for a dual-level stool such as the Jessa Leona stool that we reviewed above. Well then, you’re in luck today because we have just the right product for your child. It is the Bumbo Step Stool, and comes in at nearly half the price of most dual-step stools or even some single step stools.

Don’t let the affordable price fool you into thinking that this is a flimsy or poorly designed product – it has more rubber padding on the bottom than our best pick, and the entire top is coated with soft dimpled rubber that feels like it has been injected with gel. This provides a nice resting surface for your child’s buttocks, so he doesn’t throw a tantrum while you’re potty training him. You know what we like the most about this stool though? Of course, it is the shape.

It is not a perfect circular or square shape that you’ll find on most stools out there. Instead, it is designed to fit the bottom of your child much more naturally – think double circular stools joined together. There are a total of six oversized rubber anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent this from slipping on your bathroom floor. Stone, marble, wood, carpet – this stool will stay put on just about any surface that you can think of.

Made of a sturdy form of polypropylene plastic, this infant step stool will be a great help as your toddler grows up and learns how the world works. With a special slip resistant base as well as top, the stool will prove invaluable as your kid learns to use the sink and the potty. It will give the best result when used with the compatible Bumbo toilet trainer though it is versatile enough to be used alongside other brands. The stool is made to be strong and sturdy enough to hold up to 110 pounds of weight without any problems. Even though the stool is available at a great bargain, Bumbo nonetheless sets a percentage of your purchase to support underprivileged and special needs children in Bumbo’s hometown of Pretoria, South Africa.

OxGord Toilet Potty Step Trainer for Kids and Toddlers

Potty Training Seat with Ladder - Kids Toilet Trainer 2-in-1 Toddler Step Stool & Portable...
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The OxGord Toilet Potty Step Trainer is built unlike any other toddler stool we have ever seen before. Indeed, it does look like a miniature staircase for little children. But don’t let its colorful looks and simplistic construction fool you – this is not a toy, nor is it a part of a playing kit for children. The two-step stool has curved handles on the top so that your child can hold on to them while climbing the steps.

This is something that most two-step stools do not implement, even though it makes the child feel a lot more secure while climbing up. The seat and handles are both cushioned, while the potty training seat cover is attached to the rest of the frame via a hinge. You can fold this stool down and stow it away in any corner of the bathroom. This feature is especially useful in small bathrooms that you find in rented houses or apartments. The two feet of the ladder are supported on thick rubber anti-slip pads, and there are grooves on the steps to aid with traction while your child is climbing up. This prevents his or her feet from slipping, even when they are wet. The contoured splash guard on the seat helps keep it germ free.

This is an out of the box solution for completing the toilet training process for your little one. It is a more practical appliance than using a floor potty as it is meant to be installed directly on your toilet seat. The manufacturer has made the design versatile enough to suit all types shapes of toilet seats found in homes. The structure of the stool includes a couple of steps and an independent toilet seat and the seat itself is cushioned and contoured to ensure the toddler seats appropriately. The steps are fitted on to wide, no slip floor pads for extra safety.

The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool

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This is the most ergonomic toilet training stool we have ever seen, and the sheer number of options that you get with this product is what makes it so good. It has a single step design, but there are two safety handrails on either side. The entire body is made from thick plastic and can easily take more than 120 pounds of load. It can be used for potty training, and also as a step-up stool for your toddler whenever he or she needs to reach a shelf, sink, table, etc.

The platform is wide and has strong anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom to lock the stool into place. The side handles are made from sanitary-grab plastic that is treated with a special anti-bacterial formula so that your kids can hold it day after day without contaminating themselves. The best part is that you can remove one of the side walls if you’re placing the stool in a place that is closed off on one side, or if you have a door right next to the toilet seat that is hitting the side-walls of this toilet trainer seat.

Innovative, stylish and convenient; these are just a few of the adjectives which have been used to describe this potty training stool by parents seeking to give independence to their growing toddlers. Designed specifically to ensure that your growing kid gets to use the standard toilet seat without accidents, the potty stool makes the task easy, safe and convenient. The innovative design used by this particular manufacturer means this is one toilet stool you will not have to take off as an adult so you can use the toilet normally. It is also made from quality molded plastic. It is easy to clean and includes sanitary grab areas to ensure your child is not at risk of any bacteria.

Choosing the Best Toddler Bathroom Stool

The most important thing to take note of while buying any toddler stool is of course its reliability factor. How tough is the plastic? Will the rubber padding on the legs and feet last? These things are very crucial to determining the overall durability and quality of a toddler stool. If the plastic is thick and sturdy, your toddler will be able to climb on the stool without losing balance. Thin or weak plastic will flex downwards when load is applied on it, and your toddler does not have the same level of body balance as you.

If the surface under a child’s feet flexes or bends, then expect him or her to lose balance and fall. Also, make sure that the climbing steps are non-slip, and the legs of your toddler stool must also be coated with good anti-slip rubber to prevent the stool from slipping and sliding around on the bathroom floor. If you have carpets in there, then anti-slip rubber feet are more of a redundant measure, but still useful nevertheless.

Finally, take note of the extra features as well as the size and weight of the stool. You will want your toddler to be able to lift or at least drag the stool over to the sink or bottom of the toilet seat by himself. So better make sure that the seat weighs no more than 4-5 pounds, or else your little child might have trouble lifting it up and moving it around. Even if you are the one moving the stool inside the bathroom, a lighter stool is always better to have. Then, pay attention to the load capacity of the stool as well as its warranty. If the load capacity is any less than 50 pounds, you probably shouldn’t be buying the stool. It is better to be safe than sorry. Look for at least 2 years of warranty, since that is about how long you’ll need to use a toddler stool.