The Best Travel Pillow for Flying

Travel pillows are comfortable, portable, and above all make long and cramped trips much more tolerable. No one likes to be confined to a small, limited space, let alone for hours on end when flying. But travel pillows offer alleviation from the displeasure of long trips while providing support for your neck and back.

This support may be even more important than the comfort these pillows bring, as long flights with bad posture or no reinforcement can easily result in neck and back problems that cause years of unnecessary pain or injury. And all of it can be prevented with a simple purchase of a soft, comfortable travel pillow that not only keeps such injuries from occurring but provides soothing, effortless comfort while traveling. In the end, who wouldn’t want one of these amazing products?

J-pillow Travel Pillow

J-Pillow Travel Pillow
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The J-pillow Travel Pillow offers head, neck, and chin support for any and all travel types and durations. Soft and comfortable, this pillow is perfectly designed to keep you relaxed as well as provide support. This travel pillow is an absolute must have for any traveler, or even someone who likes comfort in a small, convenient package.

However, the J-pillow Travel Pillow also offers convenience as well as relief and stability, with a handy snap-loop fastener so it can effortlessly be attached to any bag, suitcase, or backpack. It’s even foldable, compressing into a size that even smaller pillows can’t match. And all of this is in addition to being completely hygienic, with a washable, removable case, along with the pillow itself. Just toss the whole thing in a washing machine and it’s clean, with no further hassle on your part. Award winning, small, clean, compact, and multi-use.

Classic Travel Pillow by MemorySoft

MemorySoft Premium Memory Foam Travel Pillow Lite Version - Soft Memory Foam Neck Pillow...
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The Classic Travel Pillow is a convenient, beautiful travel pillow that is affordable no matter your budget. Slightly smaller than regular brands, this lite version of Memorysoft’s luxury travel pillow comes with insanely soft fabric that soothes even the most rough and sensitive skin. Washable and velvety, the Classic Travel Pillow’s velour case is what every long-term flight requires. And while this pillow is giving double the softness for half the price, it’s also offering so many features its nearly unbelievable.

A memory-foam pillow ensures comfort and support, molding to your body and staying firm in all the right places. Toggle straps, included with your purchase, increase this pillows support for your neck to levels unreachable by other, more traditional pillows. And with a washable travel bag, the Classic Travel Pillow is clean and portable, fitting easily into whatever luggage requirements it meets. And all of this is provided with a 30-day money back guarantee and second travel bag, ensuring absolute satisfaction and even more convenience.

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Straps to Airplane Seat & Car - Best...
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The Travelrest travel pillow offers not just head and neck support but support for your entire upper body, giving an ease and restfulness to travel that’s impossible to get anywhere else. Available in four colors, this pillow is ergonomic and prevents the head from falling forward entirely, making it perfect for a stable and comfortable flight. This pillow, however, is designed for multiple uses other than flying, including camping, stability to those confined to wheelchairs, and even normal sleeping. Many choose the Travelrest pillow over more conventional pillows due to its extreme support and comfort.

It’s particularly popular with those with preexisting conditions or who sleep on their sides, as it prevents further pain or the occurrence of it. This pillow is unique in that it’s worn either across the body or along the side, giving both options and much more support than other travel pillows. It also can be looped around any seat in order to give even more comfort with as little obstruction to its user as possible, freeing up valuable room that can be used to read, eat, or play on electronics. With a two-year warranty this pillow ensures all of its valuable traits for twenty-four entire months, and is completely machine washable to boot.

UsEasy O-Shape Neck & Cervical Pillow Stabilization System

Bendable travel pillow,ergonomic design O-Shape pillow with memory foam-Neck Supporter for...
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The UsEasy O-Shape Neck & Cervical Pillows Stabilization System is absolutely unique in its design, with an adjustable stent allowing for complete control of the pillows position. This makes this pillow multi-use to an extent rarely seen in travel pillows, allowing the user to rest forward, backward, or to either side at will, ensuring complete and total comfort at all times as well as preventing stiffness or a lack of movement. Its memory foam pillow uses a material designed by NASA in order to create relaxation and a reduction of pressure, giving support and comfort in equal measures.

And while other pillows focus entire on the head and neck, The UsEasy O-Shape Neck & Cervical Pillows Stabilization System gives the user a framework to hold onto while using it, creating a counterbalance and preventing neck-injury through positioning as well as support. This unique approach widens the shoulders while stretching the neck and back, making it natural and comfortable to sit in a healthy posture.

Choosing the Best Travel Pillow for Flying

All travel pillows should be seriously reviewed for various features before purchase. Each pillow has a specific and unique design that can suit one body type or preferred position but not another. Therefore qualities such as shape, size, form, material of the pillow, and any extra support or features should be seriously considered when making a decision on your final purchase. And cleanliness is absolutely vital when choosing your own pillow, as many come with a cover while others do not.

A cover is necessary for cleanliness, as it keeps the pillow itself from being stained or exposed to any distasteful elements while in use. Even better are pillows that are completely washable, the pillow and all, making sure any sweat or germs that seep through the cover are removed with ease. And the fabric the pillow covers themselves are made of are important as well, due to the fact that many fabric types can be irritating or rough, while those of higher quality are soft and soothing to the touch.

Travel pillows used for flying should also be compact in size or easily stored, making their transport and care as simple and easy as possible, and to maintain any size or weight restrictions imposed on luggage. Quite simply, a travel pillow should be suited to personal body type and preference of position, soft and comfortable, easily cleaned, and stored with little to no problem.