The Best Tree Pruner with Telescopic Handle

A tree pruner allows you to easily trim or prune the trees in your orchard, lawn, or backyard. They come in different sizes and a lot of tree pruners have multipurpose heads that can carry out functions such as pruning, trimming, sawing, etc. Telescopic tree pruners are equipped with extending poles that allow you to vary the reach of your pruning head depending on the branch height.

When you’re done cutting, you can easily shrink the pole down to a much more compact size, and this allows for easy storage and transportation. Take a look at the four models that we have listed below and see which one we selected as the best tree pruner with telescopic handle. These 4 are among the most popular pruners out there, and are built solidly with the best quality metal parts and feature lightweight, sturdy poles for easy handling.

Fiskars Power Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

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If you want to cut 1-2” thick branches without having to climb a ladder, then the Fiskar Power Lever extendable tree pruner comes with a telescopic arm that can extend from 8 feet to 16 feet. This allows you to reach the lower branches on small-medium sized trees very easily, and it also features a detachable WoodZig saw blade that can be removed from the pole head and used as a regular hand saw.

The cutting blades as well as the saw are made from high carbon stainless steel, and are precision ground to deliver sharp, smooth cuts without much effort. There is a non-stick coating on the blades that stops them from getting stuck in the tree branches, and the removable saw blade is pretty long, at nearly 15”. This extra-long saw blade is ideal for cutting those thicker branches that just cannot be pruned. For added control, the grip has been coated with a rubberized slip-resistant material that feels soft and comfortable to hold for long durations.

Fiskars Lightweight Extendable Tree Pruner

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Lightweight Extendable Tree Pruner (93906935J)
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If you have some dead branches or vines on the trees in your orchard, and want to effectively clean them up without having to set up a ladder and putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, then you probably want a telescopic tree pruner. And if this is your first time buying a telescopic pruner, or if you don’t have a lot of trees to work with, you might as well get something that cost less and gets the job done. Meet the Fiskars Lightweight Extendable tree pruner. It is equipped with an extendable pole that can go from 7.9 feet, all the way up to 12 feet. While this might not be as much as some of the higher priced pruners out there, there is no point in getting a pruner that can reach a height of 20+ feet, if the branches on your tree are located at a height of 12 feet, or less.

For small-medium sized trees, a smaller telescopic pole is not only more efficient (in terms of cost and function), but is also easier to handle because of its lighter weight and shorter length. The light Duraframe pole on this pruner is made from aluminum for extra durability, it barely flexes even if you exert all your weight on it, and the padded handle is perfect for minimizing fatigue during long cutting sessions. Its precision ground steel blade will stay sharp for years, and a unique low-friction coating allows the blades to glide through wood, even when it is covered in sap and debris.

Corona Dual Compound Action Tree Pruner with Saw

Corona TP 6850 Compound Action Tree Pruner, 14-Foot
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Sporting a telescopic fiberglass pole with working range between 7 feet to 14 feet, the Corona TP 6850 is an incredibly versatile and lightweight tree pruner that is actually equipped with cutlery-grade sharp stainless steel blades on the pole head. The heat-treated drop forged stainless steel blades are coated with non-stick PTFE layer, which allows them to slice through tree branches without getting clogged by the sap and debris that is formed while cutting into the bark of the tree.

High carbon stainless steel is used in the blades for maximum durability, and the edges stay sharp for much longer. The Corona TP 6850 also sports a heavy duty chain drive, connected to a compound-action pulley system that amplifies the amount of pressure you apply on the pull-cord. What that means, is that you can effortlessly cut down branches as thick as 2” without having to exert yourself as much as you would with a regular tree pruner. A 13” saw is fixed on top of the head to give you additional trimming and cutting options, and the handle is foam coated for a comfortable grip.

ARS Telescoping Long Reach Pruner

ARS LA-160ZR203 Telescoping Long Reach Pruner
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The ARS LA-160ZR203 is a tree pruner with a range of 4 to 7″ and is ideal for pruning or trimming medium to slightly large trees. It is a very easy to use pruner due to it’s balanced form and thus providing very accurate pruning. You’ll find that this pruner is very maneuverable and will usually save you from needing a ladder for those tough to reach areas.

With 3 heads – 180 (razor edge), 160 (cut & hold) and 190 (super trimer) you are sure to have the proper setting when wanting to dead-head, manicure, harvest, shear or shape on your property. It features a die cast aluminum  neck that tilts +/- 30 degrees as well as a die cast aluminum handle that doesn’t slip in your hands and is comfortable to operate. All in all, a very competent telescopic pruner for most homeowners.

Choosing the Best Tree Pruner with Telescopic Handle

Not all telescopic tree pruners are created equal, and nothing is more frustrating than buying a cheaply designed pruner, only to find out that the blade constantly gets stuck in the tree branches. Dull blades are a hazard to use, since you will have to tug at the pole to pull the pruner out of the tree branch, and you risk injury if the branch crashes down on you. Also, make sure to buy a pruner with a pole made from aluminum alloy or fiberglass, never buy wooden poles as they are much heavier and can be difficult to control if you extend the pole.

Try to make a mental note of the average height of the tree branches that you’ll be pruning. A pole that can extend up to 12/14 feet should be sufficient for most small to medium sized trees. If you plan on cutting branches and twigs, try to get a pruner with a saw extension built-in. The quality and edge of the pruner head determines how quickly and how neatly you can cut. Always get a drop forged or die cast steel head because these are the toughest heads out there, and can keep their edge for a longer period of time.

If your pruner has a line that connects the cutting head to the pulley drive (most pruners are designed like this), then try to get a chain drive (like a bicycle chain) instead of a rope or wire drive. Of course, modern pruners have really durable nylon and metal lines that are quite tough, but nothing beats a chain assembly. Finally, observe the handle and cord, make sure that they are comfortable to hold. If the handle is not well padded, your palms will begin to hurt after a few minutes of using the pole.