The Best Tricycle for 3-Year-Olds

Teaching your child how to cycle while they are still young helps them pick up valuable coordination skills that come in handy as they develop. Cycling can also be a fun activity to help them relieve any tension. However, at a young age, cycling can be a challenge for most kids.

To solve this, parents are advised to start out their children on tricycles before getting them a bicycle. Generally, most children can begin learning how to cycle at the age of three. Nevertheless, finding the best tricycle for your 3-year-old is not an easy task. Here is a highlight on some of the brands that we have reviewed.

Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike

Schwinn Roadster Kids Tricycle, Classic Tricycle, Blue
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The Schwinn Roadster makes it easy to get your kids up and moving on their first set of wheels. The tricycle is well designed and features a variety of features to suit your young rider. It comes in a choice of three exciting colors: red, blue and pink and requires minimal assembly. Any adult without any technical knowledge can easily assemble the bike in four easy steps that take 10-15 minutes. Children as young as 2 years and not less than 38 inches tall can comfortably use the tricycle. It has a low center of gravity which provides extra stability to prevent tipping.

This tricycle features air-filled rubber wheels that are rugged for proper traction; flashy chrome fenders protect the wheels. The front wheel is 12 inches wide and the two back wheels are 8 inches wide each. It also has a bell that is conveniently positioned on the right handle bar to give the young one a complete cycling experience. The handles are coated with rubber for a more comfortable, firm grip, and can be adjusted with the aid of a wrench. Schwinn Roadster’s frame embraces full-steel heavy duty construction that guarantees parents value and durability. It also has a wooden deck in the back with the manufacturer’s logo burned-in that gives it a classic look.

To ensure maximum comfort and support, the seat of the tricycle has been sculpted to a sort of bucket shape. From general reviews, many parents find this product to be satisfying both in terms of quality and usability and will highly recommend it to other parents seeking to introduce their kids to cycling as a developmental activity and way of bonding.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike [Amazon Exclusive]
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Keep your little one happy and entertained with one of the best tricycle for 3-year-olds, the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike. The trike is friendly to the pocket but still tough enough to withstand outdoor adventure. It includes cool and exciting features like a hidden storage compartment positioned under the seat. The product comes with assembling instructions that makes the process easy and fast. Its design is simple but the construction is strong and sturdy guaranteeing durability.

The Fisher-Price has easy to grip handles and slip resistant pedals for maximum safety. Its tires have rugged design for increased traction and are strong enough to endure long riding hours. The foot pedals are big and the wheel base is wide and stable. Parents on a budget can still grant their kids the pleasure of cycling without compromising on comfort and security with this trike. However, there is a minor complaint by users that the pedal lacks an inside lip which increases the risk of the foot slipping between the fork and pedal.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle
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This classic award-winning trike has won the heart of both parents and children with its impressive features. It offers outstanding performance thanks to the big rubber wheel at the front that steers the bike and the two smaller wheels at the back for support and balance. The design gives a child a sense of security. The pedals are also positioned easily within reach and that combined with the trike’s controlled turning radius, enable kids to learn faster and easier. The low center of gravity also contributes to the ease in learning.

The Radio Flyer features a solid steel frame and shiny chrome handlebars that give it a stylish look. The wheels are also protected with shiny chrome fenders with overall outstanding workmanship. It includes an adjustable seat to accommodate your growing child and features streamers and a chrome bell that makes cycling more fun. But as good as it sounds this trike has a minor drawback, it requires proper care and maintenance or else it will lose its luster and classic beauty.

Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike

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As the name suggests, this tricycle combines three essential cycling stages in a child’s life; rock, roll and ride. In the first stage, it can be used as rocker for toddlers that are just learning how to balance and walk. This Fisher-Price rocker remains strong to offer the needed support for your child at this stage. As your child grows, the base of the rocker can effortlessly be turned into a push-handle that parents can use while teaching their kids how to pedal. In the third and final stage the trike is turned into a complete tricycle that lets your child pedal and cycle on their own. The push-handle can then be removed and the seat be adjusted according to the child’s needs.

The product comes with assembling instructions. It is a convenient buy for parents looking for a product that will accommodate their children even as they grow. Additionally, its advancing stages allow children to slowly build confidence in cycling from a tender age and helps in the development of gross motor skills. Although a bit more expensive, this product offers good value for money and is a long term investment. It is strongly built and its broad wheels offer the needed support making it durable and comfortable.

While the tricycle helps children build their confidence in pedaling and control, it will not help them develop balance. It is therefore important to replace the tricycle with a bicycle once your child appears ready to learn to balance by themselves. In addition, safety and comfort should be key concerns whenever you are buying your child a trike or bike.

Choosing the Best Tricycle for a 3 Year Old

A tricycle can be a very exciting and interesting toy for your toddler. It finally gives them freedom to explore and they often like to mimic it as their very own vehicle just like mom and dad have theirs. Tricycles provide great balance and are much safer to use at this age than a bicycle. The seats on tricycles are often more supportive and the form of the frame acts as a sturdy and attractive structure.

Choose the Correct Fit
Often, as parents, we choose something for our toddler that is a bit bigger so it lasts longer and we won’t have to buy a new one too soon. Be careful of this when purchasing your tricycle as it’s important to think of your child’s size right now to ensure you get a unit that is safe and comfortable. Once your 3 year old is seated, they must be able to put their feet on the pedals without a lot of stretching or effort. Make sure they are not slipping when peddling and adjust the seat if possible to ensure they have the right fit.

Structure and Durability
If the tricycle is made of steel or a similar metal this will usually provide a durable, stable and solid frame allowing your child to use their tricycle roughly and without worry. Having said this, plastics today are made so well that a reputable manufacturer of tricycles will more than likely have a solid frame to their bikes. Make sure you check the age range recommendation from the manufacturer as well as any weight or height information to help you narrow down your selection.