The Best Truck Sun Shade

There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of your truck on a scorching day and feeling like you’ve just jumped into an oven. You can easily imagine an egg frying on the dashboard, not to mention having to endure the painful scalding when you put your hands on the steering wheel.

Now imagine burning your hands on the belt buckle, or the feel of the searing heat of the seat on your body. Fortunately, there’s an easy and elegant solution to this problem: a sun shade. Simply place it in the windshield and it’ll keep the sun’s rays out of your vehicle, keeping the inside relatively cool.

However, as most shades are designed for car use, finding a decent shade that will fit your larger truck can be a challenge. Factors to take into consideration include size (both fully extended and folded up), ease of use and durability. Since there’s a plethora of them on the market, all with different features and each varying in the ease of use department, we’ll examine four of the most popular models and determine which one is the best truck sun shade.

Road Charms XL Truck Sun Shade

Windshield Sun Shade - Jumbo XL (70 x 35 inches) Car Window Shade - Easy to Use Folding Shade...
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As mentioned earlier, finding an easy to use sun shade for a large vehicle or truck can be tricky, and Road Charms’ Jumbo XL Window Sun Shield definitely fits the bill. While many large-scale shades designed for trucks and SUV’s are ungainly, this unit simply pops open and closed for efficient storage.

It folds down to 1/16th its size which is pretty incredible considering the full width of the opened unit. It’s designed for vehicles with windshields up to 70″L x 35″W, a size factor solely lacking on the marketplace. Lightweight and effective, it’s constructed of sturdy nylon coated with a reflective surface to keep the worst of the sun’s rays from heating up your vehicle’s interior.

This shade features dual inserts that will ensure the shade rests snugly against the windshield, preventing an unwanted leakage of sunlight. Another endearing quality of this shade is the ease with which it fits around rearview mirrors, owing to its flexibility. It’s a small but handy feature that will be appreciated by anyone who has dealt with large sun shades before.

This shade’s large support rings also have the flexibility to easily overlap to fit smaller windshield sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Despite its lighter 6.1 ounce weight, the unit is surprisingly durable, and should last for years before needing replacement. While it’s not the cheapest product on the market, it’s ideally suited for keeping the heat out and is an excellent sun shade that should fit almost any size truck with ease.

Shade-It XL Truck Sun Shade

Shade-It Vehicle Sunshades (Small-Old)
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One major factor to consider when shopping for a sun shade is its ease of use, since the last thing you want to be doing is folding and unfolding the equivalent of a highway map every time you use it. This, unfortunately, is a hallmark of most budget sun shades.

However, this isn’t your standard budget blanket shade that you haphazardly shove into your windshield. Shade-It’s Windshield Sun Shield is surprisingly simple to operate yet is priced affordably. Opening and closing the shade is done by performing a twisting motion, making it quick and easy to use. While it won’t pop open and closed as easily as the Road Charms product, it’s still remarkably simple to operate.

Weighing a meager six ounces and featuring a retractable style that folds down to 1/10th of its size, this shade is silver coated and made of nylon to provide surprisingly efficient radiant heat protection. Adjustable flaps can be unfurled to keep solar radiation from penetrating the windshield from the side. It also features a handy storage pouch to keep it properly contained when not in use and comes equipped with a money-back guarantee.

It’s specifically designed for larger vehicles, and should fit a wide variety of trucks, although the 33″ length restriction falls short of Road Charm’s bigger size. In any case, it’s an efficient and user-friendly sun shade that will keep your vehicle cooler and your wallet happy. A worthy selection for our best truck sun shade list.

Pema LIVING SUV & Truck Sun Shade

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Pema LIVING’s Premium Car Shade is the heaviest and thickest sun shade we’ve looked at and appeals to those looking to gain the highest cooling advantage for their truck. While most comparable shades are lightweight nylon constructions, Pema LIVING’s model uses thicker nylon-polyester for durability and to achieve its cooling ends.

While the jury is out on whether or not it provides superior interior cooling, it still folds up easily for simple and efficient operation and comes equipped with a storage pouch.This sun shade is heavier – weighing in at over seven ounces, however, users claim a perfect fit in such vehicle types as Dodge Ram as well as smaller trucks. This is due to its flexibility and to the fact that the support rings can easily be overlapped.

Whether or not this justifies the higher price tag remains to be seen; in any case, it’s a high-quality and durable product with a money-back guarantee. This truck sunshade will keep your truck or SUV cool and won’t have you cursing while installing it.

Motor Trend Jumbo Windshield Sunshade

Motor Trend Front Windshield Sun Shade - Jumbo Accordion Folding Auto Sunshade for Car Truck...
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If you’re looking for a light yet effective sun shade, Motor Trend’s Jumbo Windshield Sunshade is a great option. It offers solar protection for your vehicle with a folding accordion style package. The unit folds open and closed, and can be stowed away when folded all-together.

It features aluminum reflective material and is insulated to keep your car cool. It’s dual construction (double bubble) will give you a long lasting sunshade that is durable.  A great option when looking for the best truck sun shade for your vehicle.

There is no doubt that this is a sunshade made for a full size truck. If you have a mid-size truck or mid-size SUV, then this sunshade will be too big for your windshield. At 66 x 27 inches, you best make sure your vehicle is large enough for this impressive sunshade.

Choosing the Best Truck Sun Shade

Not only will sunshades help keep your truck nice and cool, they are great for preventing your dash from cracking or fading. UV rays can be extremely damaging and can ruin your interior. Getting into your truck after it’s been sitting in the sun can be a painful experience. A lot of interiors are black now which makes it even worse, especially if you have dark leather seats.

You can keep your windows rolled down a pinch which will help, but nothing will keep your truck cooler than a properly fitted sunshade.  You will also want to park in the shade whenever possible as this will greatly reduce the amount of heat your interior is esposed to. Even if you park in the shade to start, the sun obviously moves along as the day goes and if you are parked for a long period of time, this is when a sunshade comes in handy.

If they are stored conveniently and easily accessible, you will tend to use your sunshade religiously. If it’s bulky or doesn’t fold away properly, then you are probably going to ignore it and it may be a waste of money. Make sure you purchase one that will store properly in your truck and can be installed within a moment’s notice.