The Best Trunk Organizer

A trunk organizer can be an incredibly handy tool to have, if you own a car that has a rather small or unconventionally designed trunk. For example, take into consideration the trunk of an SUV or a hatchback/station wagon. These vehicles are designed with flat rear sections, and are equipped with hatches that give you access to the trunk and rear seats.

In some cases, the trunk capacity of these types of vehicles is less than that of a sedan or coupe, or just about any car that has an extended rear trunk which opens upwards. Also, things are much harder to organize because you have to stack stuff on top of each other and this could result in several accidents or spills while carrying products such as milk, sugar, flour, etc. from the store to your home. Which is why, you need to own a trunk organizer.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular trunk organizers that are currently available on the market. Take your pick and keep your requirements in mind, always choose the product that suits your vehicle and your luggage type.

Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer with Car Sunshade

Starling's Car Trunk Organizer - Durable Storage SUV Cargo Organizer Adjustable, Bordeaux
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Take one look at this trunk organizer, and it instantly becomes clear that we are dealing with a product that is built to last. The manufacturers of this product have so much trust in its quality that they even threw in a lifetime warranty. This is a multipurpose, fully collapsible trunk organizer made from 1680D Oxford-Polyester – this is much tougher than anything else that is used by competing brands, even 300D-polyester.

The trunk organizer is divided into two large sections and you can find extra stitching on the sides as well as base that comes in handy while storing heavy goods inside, such as metal tools, boxes, etc. The bottom is guarded by a strong 3-layer waterproof board which will instantly contain any leaks or spills from your groceries, and safeguard the rest of your luggage.

The dividers are built upon tough cardboard sections with strong polyester covers on the top. The bottom has two rubberized non-skid supports, while the interiors have two large open areas. There are a total of 10 pockets, 4 eyelets, and two plastic buckles for securing loose luggage. You even have 2 plastic carry handles on the exterior for easy removal of the trunk organizer when you don’t need it.

Trunk Cargo Organizer by Busy Life

Car Trunk Organizer, Auto Hanging Back Seat Storage, Car Backseat Trunk Storage Organizer for...
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With its removable sub-dividers, well-placed pockets, and removable base plates, the Busy Life Trunk Organizer is probably the most versatile model on this list, despite being the most affordable of them all.

There are multiple Velcro pockets on the exterior of this 600 Denier polyester bag, and even though it is not collapsible, you’ll not want to collapse it given its small size and manageable weight. Whenever it is not needed, just use the two external carry straps on the exterior to remove the organizer from your trunk, and keep it stashed away in a corner of your home.

The 600D polyester construction prevents deformation, and can easily resists the physical shocks that come from driving your car on bumpy or uneven roads. You also have removable base plates that have been provided to keep the floor of this trunk organizer clean.

You can just remove these base plates and dust them off whenever you need to clean your organizer – no need to pull the entire thing out of the trunk. And oh, these baseplates are built to be waterproof. There are also a couple of mesh pockets on the side, with conveniently placed buckle straps on the sides to secure any products that have been placed in the external pouches.

TrunkCratePro Premium Multi Compartment Trunk Organizer

Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer, Black
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At first glance, this seems extremely similar to the first item on our list, Starling’s Trunk Organizer. However, on closer inspection we found out that this is actually totally different on the inside, since it has way too many compartments in comparison to the Busy Life trunk organizer.

These extra compartments can be both a good as well as bad thing to have, considering the fact that you’re not getting any removable dividers. You can store several small tools and organize electronic products, beverage cans, bottles, etc. quite easily with this structure. But what if you need to carry something larger, like a large blanket, or a bag of flour?

We know, you normally don’t carry that kind of stuff inside a trunk organizer, but what if you just wish to protect them from rupturing mid-way because the road is too uneven or bumpy? Well, we would definitely consider Starling’s model as a better all-rounder, even though this TrunkCratePro model beats it in terms of organizing-compartment numbers.

The base plates are sturdy, while the base itself is designed to be slip-resistant because of the rubber pads underneath that provide traction and prevent the bag from sliding around in the trunk of your car. The organizer is made from Oxford-Polyester and also features reinforced stitching in areas that are more prone to wear and tear.

Premium Quality Auto Trunk Organizer by Richome

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Do you use something like a pickup truck, or any vehicle that has an exposed trunk section? Well, you should take a look at this special trunk organizer from Richome. It is made from premium quality faux leather, although the interiors still feature a polyester frame with cardboard divider plates underneath.

The top is covered by a flip-open cover that opens and closes very easily. You can conveniently open the cover with one hand while removing the items from within the trunk organizer. There are leather carry straps on either side that allow you to reposition or remove the bag easily from your trunk. It is also meant to be used as a backseat or kids toy organizer, and has plenty of space inside for storing everything from groceries, to tools and electronics.

The surface has a nice smooth feel to it, and there is a stitched finish with dimpled leather on the outside. The base plate is waterproof and is held to the floor of your trunk by rubber anti-slip pads. The top cover is also water proof, since it is made from faux leather. This trunk organizer is available in three sizes – small, medium, and large. The large size organizer measures nearly 19.7” x 11.8” x 11” in length, width, and height.

Choosing the Best Trunk Organizer

If you drive a van, SUV, station wagon, etc. it is definitely worth investing in one of these collapsible bags, also known as trunk organizers, that are designed to fit into the contours of your trunk. You can get one for rather affordable prices these days, and they are growing more and more common.

Trunk organizers are basically like luggage bags with compartments and pouches for organizing stuff. They are normally made from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, although you will find some that include plastic bases or sides. We recommend that you select a trunk organizer based on the size of your car’s trunk, as well as the type of stuff that you plan to carry in that space.

If you’re primary concern is with groceries, you’re better off getting a cheap trunk organizer that has a low-medium number of compartments. Get a trunk organizer with waterproof compartments if you plan to store liquids such as milk, energy drinks, soda, etc. in it. You never know when a bump or hole in the road will cause one of those tetra-packs, pouches, or cans to rupture inside the trunk, and if you’re not carrying them in a waterproof enclosure, they will leak all over the place and will contaminate other groceries and products that are in the vicinity.

For carrying heavy tools such as drills, hammers, saws, hammers, etc. we recommend that you get a super durable trunk organizer with lots of compartments. Not only will this act like a toolbox, but it will also keep the tools from jumping around in the back of your car and creating a ruckus as you drive on the road.

You will also not have to worry about one little screwdriver or wrench going missing when you need it the most, because everything is organized neatly into different pouches and sections. Make sure that there are reinforced multi-level stitches on the sides and base if you plan on carrying tools in the organizer. We recommend 300-Denier polyester and above only, along with some patches of plastic on the base.

Rubber pads will prevent the heavy trunk organizer from sliding around, and you might want a model that has carry handles on the side if you plan on removing it often from the back of your car. Some trunk organizers will also include Velcro pads so that you can attach extra pockets and pouches, while others will come with fastening straps to keep your goods in place even during heavy turbulence.