The Best Vegetable Spiralizer for Noodles

Spiralizers are tools that convert a vegetable or fruit into thinly sliced spirals, similar to spaghetti or pasta. Vegetable spiralizers are used to make zucchini noodles and courgetti, along with several other low-carb vegetable noodles and snacks. Vegetable spiralizers have been gaining tremendous popularity among health conscious eaters and followers of the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet involves abstaining from cereals and grains, while maintaining a totally vegan eating regime. It is low on fats, gluten, and carbohydrates, while being high on dietary fiber and nutrients. A vegetable spiralizer allows you to transform a healthy, low-calorie vegetable into a tasty bowl of pasta or spaghetti. Join us as we review which company makes the best vegetable spiralizer for noodles.

Müeller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer, 8 into 1 Spiral Slicer, Heavy Duty Salad Utensil,...
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The Mueller Spiral has a really fine blade configuration and is a vertical spiralizer, which means that you have to exert less pressure while rotating the handle since gravity helps the blades slice through the vegetables easily. Talking of blades, this one has 4 German engineered ultra-hard and sharp blades that cut through hard vegetables such as sweet potato, carrots, and beet with extreme ease.

The machine also functions as a slicer, shredder, and juicer making it one of the most affordable and easy to use multipurpose kitchen tools that you can get. All the accessories are carried on-board the spiralizer, and the bottom is held firmly to the kitchen counter with anti-slip suction cups.

On top of all that, this spiralizer is made from dishwasher-safe ABS plastic which means that cleaning up is really quick and easy. The package comes with a lifetime warranty, and a bunch of accessories like the 4-cup container, mandolin vegetable holder, citrus juice attachment, and more.

ScharfPro Vertical Self-Pressure Vegetable Spiralizer

ScharfPro Vertical Self-Pressure Vegetable Spiralizer
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Normally with any spiralizer, you need to hold the rotating handle with one hand, and press the vegetable towards the blades with your other hand in order to get smooth, clean cuts. But with the ScharfPro, you don’t need any more than one hand because the machine includes a self-pressure attachment that automatically clamps onto the vegetable from the top and applies pressure towards the bottom.

It is a vertical spiralizer which makes cutting smooth and easy, requiring minimum torque on the handle for even the hardest of vegetables. Prepare zuchinni, courgetti, beet, carrots, and more with the three interchangeable steel blades. You can switch between the three stainless steel blades to create spirals, pasta, noodles, fries, crunches, and much more.

Every blade has a different hole-diameter, so you can vary the thickness of your vegetable pasta or noodles according to your preference. The bottom of this spiralizer fixes itself firmly onto the kitchen counter with the rubber non-slip feet. Made from PDA free and FDA approved plastic, this spiralizer is guaranteed to last a lifetime, and for it’s price it is the best deal you can find on the market for your money. And yes, it is also dishwasher safe.

Spiralizer Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer, Veggie Pasta & Spaghetti Maker

Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer, Strongest-and-Heaviest Spiral Slicer, Best Veggie Pasta...
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With horizontal spiralizers you often have to exert horizontal pressure towards the blades while turning the handle in order to achieve smoothly cut spirals, and to prevent the vegetable from slipping out of position. This is especially important while slicing longer vegetables. However, this model is in a different class from the rest due to its extremely hard carbon 420 steel blade edges that are extremely hard and sharp.

They allow you to slice as thinly and quickly as you want, so making spirals, sphagetti and pasta is only a matter of minutes. It is constructed from BPA free reinforced ABS plastic that is also dishwasher safe, and the construction of this machine makes it super lightweight and compact if you compare it to other multi-bladed horizontal spiralizers.

In fact, it measures at just 12.6″ x 6.7″ x 9.5″ and weighs only about 2 lbs. It comes with multiple blade attachments that can be conveniently stored in the bottom of the appliance, and its blades are sharp enough for you to cut through butternut squash with ease. Be reminded that although you can prepare slices, spirals and spaghetti noodles, the holes on the blade are not small enough for angel hair noodles.

Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer / Spiralizer, Counter-Mounted and includes 3...
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Ribbon cuts, slices, spirals, spaghetti noodles, angel hair noodles – this 3-blade spiralizer can do everything. There is a storage compartment to store the blades that are not being used and the entire body is constructed from thick ABS plastic, which is also dishwasher safe. The three blades include a shredder, chipper, and a straight blade. The shredder is used to create long, thin spaghetti strands. The chipper creates long, thick, spiral-like strands. Perfect for apples and sweet potatoes. The Straight blade makes ribbon-like strands that you can also use to create potato chips.

The appliance is held to the kitchen counter with powerful suction feet that have an easy release button. To use it, all you have to do is press on each of the four feet to activate the suction and then select the blade of your choice from the blade compartment. You then slide back the food holder and stick the vegetable/fruit on the corer, then spin the handle while pressing the vegetable against the blade wall.

Choosing the Best Vegetable Spiralizer for Noodles

How do you choose the right vegetable spiralizer for your kitchen? It is actually quite simple, since you basically have to decide what kind of vegetables you will be using, and how much pasta you want to make. If you only occasionally make vegetable noodles or pasta then you should go for a simple hand held spiralizer since they are cheap, easy to store, and easy to use.

However they are not suitable for spiral cutting larger, longer vegetables due to their small size and hand held nature. You will also have to exert more force while cutting with a hand held spiralizer, and must make sure your fingers don’t get too close to the cutting blades.

If you plan on making pasta more frequently, then choose a horizontal or vertical handle-driven vegetable spiralizer. These come with multiple blade attachments that enable you to create pasta of varying thickness and shapes. Some of them even have pasta trays to collect the vegetable spirals as they drop down from the exit port. Another thing that you must take into consideration is the ease of cleaning a vegetable spiralizer.

You might prefer a spiralizer whose components are dishwasher-safe so that you can easily take it apart and clean it in your dishwasher after you’re done with the pasta. Hand held models are the cheapest and are easier to store, full size multi-bladed models are slightly more expensive and take up more space, but are easier to use and work faster. Our review took a look at the top products on the market to decide which is the best vegetable spiralizer for noodles. We hope you enjoyed this review.