The Best Walkie Talkies for Boys

Walkie talkies are the perennial favorite childhood toy, especially for boys. They encourage fun play with others while stimulating the imagination, which is a far cry from the inactivity derived from today’s screened devices. Walkie talkies allow boys to be boys; they can play games, communicate discreetly and they can generally be enjoyed in an infinite variety of ways.

There are lots of models available on the market to choose from, so when you’re sourcing out the best walkie talkies for boys you’ll want to ensure you’ll get a set that works dependably. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few models and help you make an informed choice.

Spy Gear Children’s Video Walkie Talkies

Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies' not WalkieTalkies
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The Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies set is an extremely popular choice among boys, and for very good reason. Featuring a built-in video screen and camera that allows two-way voice and visual communication with a range of up to 140 feet, this walkie talkie set is as cool as they come. No WiFi or internet connections are required – video images are transmitted over radio frequencies, so there’s no extra cost to use them.

And the picture quality is surprisingly good for a toy, albeit with a fairly small image. Each video display shows a split screen of both the user and the remote user. It also features a “spy” mode, allowing one user to discreetly keep tabs on the other by keeping the remote unit muted. The units are powered by six AAA batteries (three in each) so there’s no charging time required.

Easy to use and set up, the devices can quickly be linked together, even by a child. This set isn’t perfect, lacking belt clips and the ability to page the remote unit. Still, it’s a great walkie talkie set that boys will love, allowing them to let their imagination soar while keeping them occupied for hours at a time.

Spider-Man Kids Walkie Talkie Set

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We’ve included The Amazing Spider-Man 2 FRS Walkie Talkie set on our list of best walkie talkies for boys, despite its lower cost. Simple and effective, the set features fun Spider-Man graphics and an easy to use interface consisting of a push to talk button and an on/off switch with variable volume control.

An LED light indicates when power is on. What stands out about this set is its durability, molded from hard plastic and designed for the punishment that you would expect from young boys. Everything about this walkie talkie set screams ruggedness – although very small hands may have a hard time pushing the talk button. Despite that, it’s simplicity is translated into extra long range, allowing boys to communicate discreetly over longer distances.

Charging is never an issue as each walkie talkie takes four AAA batteries. The sound quality is okay, and the ability to adjust the volume is a welcome addition to a budget-priced walkie talkie set. And while it likely won’t win any awards for overall sound clarity, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 FRS Walkie Talkie set has the durability and range to have the boys in your life entertained while engaging in imaginative play.

Kidzlane Walkie Talkies

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies, Easy to Use and Kids Friendly, 2 Mile Range, 3 Channel
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The Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies set offers an impressive range for a set of boys’ walkie talkies, allowing for communication up to two miles. Granted, houses and obstacles may interfere with reception, but still – it’s a far cry from other models with an effective range of a hundred feet or so. The sound quality is crisp and clear, allowing for unimpeded communications.

These walkie talkies are durably built and can take a lot of punishment, so you know they’ll last. Stylishly designed with an antenna built into the housing, the units feature a push to talk button with the ability to page the remote unit, an LED power unit, as well as a belt clip – an often overlooked feature on walkie talkie models. Three channels are offered, as users can switch between A, B or C to avoid interference. It’s compatible with other identical walkie talkies, so parents can buy multiple sets and have them all work together.

One drawback is that these devices lack volume controls and ambient sounds can sometimes get in the way. However, given the durability and extremely long range capability of these walkie talkies, it’s a negative that can be easily overlooked. When kept in standby mode they’ll work for up to nine hours, and three and a half hours with constant use, so rechargeable batteries are highly recommended. Overall, they’re definitely a walkie talkie set worth considering.

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies,FRS Walkie Talkies Long Range,Crystal Voice,Easy to Use, Toy for...
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For a good mix of operational capability and value, the Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies set is also worth considering. Featuring an LCD display and twenty-two channel capability, the Retevis offers a suite of bells and whistles that will delight any boy. It has the ability to scan channels in order to not only match frequencies with the remote unit but to determine which one has the least amount of interference.

The channel can then be locked in thanks to the channel lock. Icons display transmission and receiving, the channel and battery status, as well as a menu of other options. Power can be set to low and high, and the ring tone can be modified to taste. Volume control is variable, as is overall sensitivity level, and remote units can be paged. The range is excellent, rated up to 9,000 feet – although this will vary depending on obstacles such as houses or buildings. The voice quality is very good, crisp and clear.

Identical units can be added as needed, as they will all work with each other so long as the same channel is used. A handy belt clip will keep it securely fastened when needed, and the units are ruggedly designed for maximum durability. In fact, although they are designed for boys, they are versatile enough for adult use. When considering a walkie talkie purchase, the Retevis RT628 can be considered a pretty safe bet, and definitely makes the list of the best walkie talkies for boys.