The Best Water Table for Toddlers

Using a water table is one of the best ways to help your child start feeling at ease around water. They offer lots of fun as part of cooperative play and are also a good opportunity for developing early motor skills and sensory awareness. Children’s water tables are usually portable which makes them easy to move around. They also come in vibrant colors that make them attractive to kids, grasping their full attention during play.

The best water tables are very engaging allowing children to keep busy with various activities. When shopping for the best water table, there are some key considerations you will want to keep in mind. They include price, quality, value and variety of features. There is a product to suit each factor for your consideration. Below is our review of the best water table for toddlers.

Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water Table

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship – Amazon Exclusive
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This pirate-themed water table combines both creative and active play for the ultimate water adventure. It comes with enormous amounts of activities to engage in as well as accessories. The Anchors Away Pirate Ship water table includes spinning features that cause a current in the ship and thus moves the floating objects. The center of it is a pole that acts as a constant flow water fountain.

All you simply have to do is keep up the motion of the water with a pump or pour water into the crows nest and then watch everything else happen. Another highlight of this product is the realistic play elements. Kids can aim and squirt water from the water cannon, or play the captain by spinning the steering wheel and raising or lowering the anchor.

Some of the provided accessories include; a bucket, squirting shark, boat, strainer, a character-sized life preserver, two scoopers and two pirate characters. The table requires assembly but that can comfortably be done at home as it does not require any technical expertise. It does however lack a cover so you should be cautious as to where you store it.

Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table

Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table, Basic Pack (840100)
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Let your kids enjoy active imaginations and as they have fun splashing for hours with this outdoor water table. The Step2 Wild Whirlpool is dynamic and includes a tower that creates a water vortex when water is poured through it. There is a scoop provided that allows children to capture fun sea creatures while the boat and water spin around exciting their imagination.

Other accessories provided include a teetering boat, water tower, a rotating octopus and 6 sea creatures. To create the water tornado, you can use either the provided boat or scoop and power the water spinner. While the name suggests that the table is to be used with water, when indoors dry beans or pasta wheels can act as substitutes to keep the fun going on.

The Wild Whirlpool is made in the USA and features quality and durable materials that will stand up to daily play. It is also easy to pack up by simply pulling the drain plug to allow the water to drain, then dry and store. It can be easily set up by any adult and is a solid choice among our review of the best water table for toddlers.

Step2 WaterWheel Acticity Play Table

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The Waterwheel Play Table is uniquely designed with molded-in basins which forms the canals, boats, lakes and harbors encouraging creative exploration with cause and effect learning. Its design also allows for imaginative play providing kids with hours of outdoor fun. The elevated design keeps water at the right toddler level preventing spills that may wet the ground and form mud on your child’s feet. The table can be comfortably used by up to three kids which allows this table to be a fun option for group play.

This Step2 table comes with many of the standard accessories including a shark scoop, 2 sail boats and a water wheel tower. The Step2 Waterwheel is a very solid and durable water table for kids. Assembling it only takes a short time and it comes with all the required attachments. If you are in search of the best water table that is rich in features, this product is worth some consideration. It can be used by kids as young as 12 months and above. The only letdown of this product is that the water wheel is not attached and thus can be knocked over quite easily.

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table, Multicolor
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With the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark table, your kids will be able to improve their motor skills, learn how to ‘put and take’ as well as build their imagination. The design of the table is loaded with exciting features and also encourages sharing skills. Have your child drop the balls down the spiral and watch them come down while turning the Ferris Wheel to scoop up and drop the balls once again. Or you can fill the provided cup with water and then pour it into the funnel to power twin water wheels.

The table can hold up to 6 gallons of water. It can be used by small kids of around 12 months and up as it has an accommodating height. It is well made and provides hours of fun for toddlers. All features work well and the table is sturdy enough when filled with water. It includes five character balls that also squirt water and is a worthy contender in our best water table for toddlers review.

Water is an essential natural element that can also provide hours of fun and developmental learning benefits to children. Adding water play to your child’s play schedule can be a great idea for most parents and is a fantastic way for children to enjoy the Summer. The tables can be used just by themselves or alongside other water toys for maximum fun and development.

Through water plays kids get to release pent up energy and unwind through the relaxing and repetitive nature of scooping, pouring and running their hands through water. They also learn how to share and take turns which is an important social skill. How well these benefits are realized will depend greatly on the features of the chosen water table and design.

Benefits of Water Play for Children

When those hot summer months hit, we all enjoy the idea of water play to cool off, relax, and to have a lot of fun as well. Children are the ones who enjoy the water fun more than us adults do, and not only is this type of activity fun for them, but it is also great for their child development. When children play in water, they end up using their imagination and become very creative in what they are doing. This is a wonderful way for their minds to develop, make up whole new worlds, and create an amazing atmosphere around themselves. The environment around us, is an amazing teacher for children. When they participate in water play, they are using concepts such as science, math, and coordination, and they aren’t even aware of this fact. It also has the ability to enhance their social skills, therefore, they are able to make new friends along their journey through creativity. So, when you and the kids get out in the water during the summer time, you are not only having fun with them, but you are also watching as they are developing properly and efficiently.

Developing Skills To Solve Problems: Water play allows for children to explore and discover new things, and this helps them to create problem solving skills for themselves. When they observe the way things around them work, such as one of their plastic boats floating around in the water, it shows them how things work and operate. It allows for them to develop a creative way of thinking and imagining things, and this is an incredibly beneficial aspect that will aid them in developing problem solving skills.

Growing Socially And Emotionally: As you watch your children play in the water, you will be able to observe how it relaxes them. Not only are you relaxed when you play in water or float in the pool, but it helps for children to release plenty of energy and help them to relax as well. They are able to unwind as they play in the water, and as they are scooping, splashing, pouring, and running their hands through the water, it is giving them a sense of calm and relaxation. This will give them the ability to develop a sense of focus, which is wonderful for their emotional skills. Water play is a wonderful way to improve social skills as well, as your child learns how to play and share with the other children that are around them.

Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water Table

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship – Amazon Exclusive
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Motor Skills Development: One of the main concerns that parents have as their children begin to grow and learn, is if they are developing properly in the fine and gross motor skills. When children play in water, it helps the child to enhance their hand eye coordination, and they will do so by pouring, squeezing, squirting, and stirring the water that they are playing in. These actions will help them to develop the proper fine and gross motor skills that they need to learn and to develop, and it is done by simply playing and having fun in the water.

Mathematics And Science: When your child plays in the water, they are actually building a very strong foundation for learning and understanding the different concepts of science and how science works. Water play has been used for centuries to teach mathematics as well, and it helps to teach children the meaning of words such as full, half, empty, less, and more. These are all forms of words for mathematics and this helps them to learn these terms and understand the meaning of them. It will teach about volumes, teach them how to measure, and even let them observe motion and the movement of the water around them. They can count items around them in the pool and separate them, and this is all helping them in math and developing good skills to learn math and science. So, when you are getting ready to play in the water with the kids, don’t be afraid to take many different items with you for them to learn and grow from. Take buckets, bowls, and any other type of item that they can play with in the water, and it will help them to learn.

Language: As you jump in to the fun activity of water play, you will end up being amazed at what your child has to talk about. They will be so excited, and making up all kind of fantasy worlds inside of their head, that they will be talking a mile a minute about everything that they are thinking of. Water play can bring out a lot of exciting emotions, and this excitement keeps them from holding it all in, and they will just explode with language. When this is happening, use words like jump, dive, splash, swim, and any other type of words that can help them expand their language. Language development is important for a child, and water play is the perfect way for them to let it all out, and learn new words.

In conclusion, there is so many different types of possibilities that you will be able to watch your child learn and understand when playing in water. Water play is important to a child’s development and growth, and it helps them to learn new and exciting things. You will be amazed at how much your child will take in and soak up while experiencing this type of activity, and you will be able to watch as they bloom like a flower. Developmental skills are the key important ingredient for children as they are growing and learning, and with a simple activity such as water play, it can help them to develop quicker and more efficiently. Playing in the water has so many beneficial aspects and qualities to it, and your child needs this type of development. Language skills, emotional skills, social skills, motor skills, problem solving skills, and even mathematics and science are all of the types of skills that your child will be able to develop and learn as they take part in when it comes to water play. So, when those hot summer months come around, take plenty of time to take the kids outside so they can learn, grow, play, and create the necessary developmental skills that they need.