The Best Yoga Mat to Travel With

Yoga can be extremely beneficial when travelling as it will help you deal with the fatigue of changing time zones, sitting on airplanes and constantly being in new places. Being relaxed is absolutely essential for a successful trip and there is no better way to have peace of mind then to practice yoga anywhere or anytime.

When it comes to yoga mats, each person has his or her own preferences regarding size, nature (smooth, sticky, etc.), thickness, and weight. So which is the best yoga mat to travel with? Take a look at 4 of the best travel yoga mats on the market, and see which one suits your needs. These have been carefully selected by analyzing their features, brand trustworthiness and actual customer reviews, so you can be sure of their quality and authenticity.

YOGO Compact Folding Travel Yoga Mat

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Without a doubt, the YOGO Compact is our most preferred yoga mat when it comes to travelling. Since it literally occupies as much space as a towel when folded up, this yoga mat can comfortably fit into the smallest and most crowded travel bags with ease. The patented origami design on the top keeps the surface clean and makes it easy to machine wash, and you’ll be happy to know that is made from 100% recyclable plastic and natural, biodegradable tree rubber.

It has snap on straps integrated into the mat itself, so when you roll it up, the straps can be snapped on top of each other to transform the folded up mat into an easy to carry package. It is a full size mat at 68″ x 24″, yet weighs just 2.6 lbs. The material is super sticky, and its base is non-slip. It is exactly 1/16″ and feels really comfortable due to the soft, natural rubber construction.

Jiva Yoga Mat With Carrying Strap and Bag

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If you want a comfortable travel yoga mat with good padding, but do not want to spend a lot of money on a special mat, then the Jiva Non-Slip is perfect for you. It keeps your knees protected during all positions, and is made from a rather thick layer of memory foam. In case you don’t know, memory foam is one of the most comfortable modern cushioning materials, and is used in couches, pillows, etc. for providing versatile and comfortable cushioning.

The specialty of this material is that it depresses around the point of pressure and evenly spreads the weight across its body, then as soon as the pressure is removed, it instantly recovers it original shape, just like a rubber band. So no matter how much yoga you do on this mat, it will not wear down or lose shape. The weave design ensures a non-slip grip. In case you suffer from allergies, fear not, since this mat is also completely free of latex, heavy metals, and rubber. It also comes with a free carrying bag and strap for added convenience while travelling around with the mat.

Khataland YoFoMat Travel Yoga Mat

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The Khataland YoFoMat is designed for Pilates and yoga on the move, and measures an impressive 78″ x 24″ in size. It is rather thick, at nearly 1/6″, and can be folded up into the size of a large book with dimensions of 12″ x 10″ x 3″. Its high density non-skid padding is designed to provide solid grip on all sorts of surfaces, including carpets, soft surfaces, marbled floors, hardwood, etc. It is SGS tested to be phthalate free and contains zero traces of rubber, heavy metals, and latex.

It is made from synthetic fibers and provides more than adequate cushioning to your joints, so if you happen to have knee problems or elbow pains, this would be a great choice for you. The fabric is totally breathable and happens to soak up sweat rather quickly. Cleaning by hand is recommended, since the fabric is not designed for drying or machine washing. This mat comes with a complimentary ergonomic carry bag.

Manduka eko SuperLite Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga and Pilates Mat, New Moon, 1.5mm, 68'
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Made from 100% biodegradable PVC free material, the Manduka eKO SuperLite is designed to be an extremely comfortable and eco-friendly yoga mat for users of all sizes. However, we did not include it on this list just because it is eco-friendly and safe for allergic people, we included it on the list because it is the most durable yoga mat on the market right now and is extremely portable thanks to its thin construction.

But despite being so thin, it is surprisingly comfortable and offers superior grip even when you compare it to a rubber or PVC mat, and those are known to be really sticky. The surface has a textured feel to it, and the fibers are very tightly woven together to ensure maximum padding without sacrificing too much body support. It is free from toxic materials, plasticizers, or harmful dyes and can easily fit into any purse or compact carry bag, although no bags or straps have been provided with the mat itself.

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat to Travel With

If you are buying a yoga mat for travelling then the following two factors are really important:

This will affect how much space the mat occupies when rolled up/ folded, as well as its weight. You always want to carry something light and compact in the limited space provided by your backpack or luggage bag.

This is often a completely overlooked factor when it comes to choosing a good travel yoga mat. Yes, you may prefer to use a larger mat at home or the yoga center, but think about how much space you really need if you are going to use the mat on a trip. If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you will often face situations in which you have limited time and space for practicing yoga, a smaller mat is always better for those conditions. And, it is also way easier to clean and maintain.

Think about the kinds of poses that you will be doing. Are you a learner? Well, in that case a basic yoga mat should suffice. Pick any mat that suits your body size, basic mats will be cheaper and fulfill all your needs for those first few months. If you are an advanced yoga practitioner, you may benefit more from a more advanced mat. Look for something with a padded interior and rubber non-slip base. If you’re into hot sauna or spa yoga, pick a mat that is designed for such environments.

Normally, yoga mats are available with a standard thickness of 1/8″, and some are as thin as 1/16″. The latter option is better for travelers due to its compact form factor and lower weight. If you’ll be travelling with your mat, make sure that it comes with some accessories such as built in carry handles, or carry bags.

Travel Yoga Mats

Moving on to the materials:

These mats are very easy to find and although they are not environment friendly, they are usually quite friendly to your wallet. They have a smooth, sticky surface that is perfect for hardcore yoga, because your skin will not slip all over the mat as you strike advanced poses. Some people with allergies to latex materials might want to buy these instead of rubber mats.

Rubber is a great alternative to PVC if you’re a beginner, or want something that feels slightly less cushion-like. Rubber mats are also found very easily, and are slightly less expensive.

These mats are more expensive than the previous two types, and are made from a blend of natural fibers, such as cotton, jute, etc. They are harder and have a rougher texture, and also absorb more sweat. However they are better at regulating airflow and keep you cooler. Be prepared for more frequent washing however, since these fiber mats can get dirty quite easily.

Okay, so now you know how to choose the best yoga mat to travel with.  We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about the types of materials used in yoga mats, and what makes a good travel mat. There is no better way to enjoy your vacation or deal with business trip fatigue than to practice yoga and keep in your routine. Best of luck and happy travelling.