The Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re experiencing sharp pains in the heels of your feet in the mornings, which tend to dissipate but return later in the day, chances are you’ve got plantar fasciitis. Also known as a policeman’s heel, this condition occurs when the band of tissue running from the heel bone to our toes experiences strain or … Read more

The Best Sling Backpack

A shoulder-backpack is probably overkill if you’re only going to carry your phone, camera, wallet and a couple of other items for a trip to town, while a side-bag or satchel a hassle to access and keep secured on your shoulder. This is where sling-bags come in handy. Easier to access and reach into, the … Read more

The Best Portable Scale for Luggage

One of the ultimate banes of travel is probably the luggage – or, more specifically, the luggage weight. Frequent flyers may have perfected the art of carrying just enough to skirt below baggage weight limits, but when you’re on a long-haul flight, going on a month-long stay at your family home or are coming back … Read more

The Best Jewelry Box for Little Girls

There’s something simultaneously nostalgic and child-like about musical jewelry boxes. Whether we owned one as a child, adored the ones belonging to the ladies in our family, or pined after the displays in stores, a quaint little jewelry box, even a non-musical one, is one of those things that charm us when we’re little, and … Read more