The Best Neem Oil for Spider Mites

The amateur botanists and horticulture enthusiasts among us are familiar with the epidemic of spider mites. These are tiny pests which infect plants grown commonly in gardens and homes. The spider mites derive their name from their odd habit of making webs on leaf underside where the female hatches eggs. While the adults have a … Read more

The Best Luxury Shampoo for Dry Hair

It might be because the weather is inching towards cold and brittle, or the fact that your hair naturally leans to the drier side, but picking the right shampoo can go a long way into mitigating your dry hair woes. Some shampoos can actually do you more harm than good, stripping off your hair’s natural … Read more

The Best Natural Sleeping Pills for Flying

Sleep is something that we desperately need, but many of us are often deprived of this basic necessity thanks to the hectic lifestyle and tensions of the modern world. So when we travel, especially when we fly, this creates a perfect opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep so you can arrive at your … Read more

The Best Makeup Remover for Aging Skin

Some makeup removers contain chemicals which don’t sit well with all skin types – products containing alcohol, especially, can be drying and irritating, especially if the residue isn’t properly washed off. Cleansers which require us to harshly scrub our face to get the makeup off, especially around sensitive areas like the eyes and the corners … Read more