The Best Magnetic Bracelet for Backpain

Using magnets as medicine is an older concept than you would think – during the Renaissance, many believed wearing metallic bands helped relieve pain, heal sicknesses and generally improve health. While associations with magnetic or metallic bracelets at the time were more spiritual in nature, it cannot be denied that magnets have been in the … Read more

The Best and Most Accurate DNA Test for Ancestry

Think of genes as computer algorithms – a plethora of data encrypted into our DNA, from our ethnicity and ancestry to health and physiological traits. While technology may have not evolved to the point that we’re genetically engineering hybrid dinosaurs or the X-men, it has come far enough for us to self-administer DNA tests to unlock unrecorded … Read more

The Best Protein Bar for Breakfast

We have all been there. Maybe it has been integrated into your typical morning routine already. You are dressed, primped, polished, smelling good, hair immaculate, you just… forgot to eat breakfast. At this point, any deviation from your routine will make you late to work, and your day can only go downhill from there. The … Read more

The Best Earplugs for Small Ears

Earplugs are surprisingly versatile in the different situations they can be used. Whether you tend to be hypersensitive to noise when you’re going to sleep, live or work around noisy environments like airports or construction sites, or want to keep water out of your ears while swimming, earplugs are handy little accessories to use. But, like … Read more