The Best Moisturizer for Dehydrated Skin

Truth is we all desire to have smooth, soft, well-moisturized and radiating skin. Not only does it make us look fabulous but it also makes us feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we desire. Most of us suffer from combination skin that is symbolic with some areas being too dry while … Read more

The Best Foot File for Cracked Heels

Foot files come in many shapes, designs, and pricing on some of these can get really confusing. Removing calluses and dead, cracked skin from your heels is no easy task. This is precisely the reason you never want to go with a cheaply made foot file. Not only are poorly designed foot files inefficient and … Read more

The Best Resistance Bands for Seniors

Resistance bands are used for exercise, building muscle, and strength. It is a product that can be taken on the go or used at home. A resistance band is an elastic band that is similar to a large rubber band and it provides tension to work your muscles and build strength. Resistance bands are popular … Read more

The Best Electronic Muscle Stimulator for Back Pain

An EMS machine can be a helpful aid when trying to manage back pain. Often, people who suffer chronic lower back pain and sciatica experience this due to their muscles being in spasm. A TENs machine may help block nerve pain/discomfort and certain types of muscular pain, however, the EMS machine is excellent when it … Read more