The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp for Anxiety

A Himalayan salt lamp comprises of a solid mound of rock salt, obtained from the base of the Himalayan mountain range in parts of Khewra, Pakistan. This mound of rock salt is pure and free from man-made impurities, since the Himalayan mountain range is still untouched by large scale human civilization, and remains shielded from … Read more

The Best Shelving for Video Games

Any illustrious gamer or video game collector knows finding the right storage is as important as finding and playing the games themselves. These world-building, interactive adventures packed inside of a single disc deserve better than to be stowed haphazardly inside cardboard boxes under your bed, where they may risk getting damaged or being forgotten. And … Read more

The Best Bird Toys for Cockatiels

Cockatiels are inquisitive, often fidgety birds, and prone to get bored when we’re not around for them to interact with. The right toys can solve much of this problem, giving them something to keep them engaged and put that curiosity to use, not just for play time but also to prevent behavioral issues which might … Read more

The Best Body Pillow for Sciatica

Nothing can make a person feel quite as helpless as suddenly realizing they’re unable to move. Sciatica, a condition which arises from irritation to the sciatic nerve, usually manifests as lower back pain, but depending on severity can lead to sharp pain scissoring down your thighs down to your knees, effectively making walking a chore. And … Read more