The Best Blender for Acai Bowls

Fiber-rich and positively packed with more anti-oxidants than the berries we tend to find during our grocery runs, acai berries are a superfood that is worth all the hype and more. And though indigenous to Brazil, its tropical fruity goodness has found its way over state-side and conquered our hearts – and our breakfast bowls. … Read more

The Best Blenders for Bulletproof Coffee

Among the latest trends in dieting and general productivity is Bulletproof Coffee. Unlike your average cup of joe to start your day, there is some detailed steps in order to create the ideal cup of this warm morning beverage. Best of all, you can skip out on breakfast all together with a healthy serving of … Read more

The Best Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel Bowl

Getting the timing, the intensity of the heat and even the amount of water for a cup of rice can be a daunting prospect when it comes to cooking rice armed with a stove and pot – making rice cookers an invariable, convenient staple in our kitchens. We love these nifty little devices that let … Read more

The Best Kitchen Knives under $100

An ideal chef’s knife, aka all-purpose kitchen knife should be one that feels comfortable in your hand, and can slice through vegetables, nuts, and meats with ease. No two people have the same hands, nor do they have the same taste in food, so the knife that you will choose for your daily needs might … Read more