The Best Sous Vide Machine for Beginners

‘Sous vide’ may sound intimidating and foreign – but as methods of cooking go, it’s as failproof as it can get. French for ‘under vacuum’, sous vide involves cooking anything from veggies to meat in a sealed plastic pouch immersed in a water or steam bath at a steadily regulated temperature, typically lower than those … Read more

The Best BBQ Brush for Ceramic Grills

Porcelain or ceramic coated grills are great for withstanding and retaining heat, while also galvanizing the metal underneath from moisture, to keep it from rusting. If you own one, though, you’re likely already familiar with the damage that harsh contact with sharp or blunt objects, from cooking utensils to cleaning brushes, can cause. Cracks and chips … Read more

The Best Infrared Thermometer for Cooking

With the convenient features of these tools – letting you quickly read surface and sometimes internal temperatures at a glance – it’s not surprising that infrared thermometers have been getting increasingly incorporated into cooking. Swifter and sometimes more practical than using a probing thermometer you then have to pull out of your boiling saucepan and … Read more

The Best Food Storage Container for Leftovers

Food storage containers are an inevitable, vital part of the household. And whether we’re using them to store leftovers or carry packed lunches, there are a couple of qualities we invariably need them to possess, safety being at the top of the list. Many containers of the cheaper, plastic variety contain additives which are harmful … Read more