The Best Pool Float for Tanning

Warm weather means pool time, and there’s no better way to enjoy the water than by luxuriating in a pool float. Whether you are at home or away on vacation, these inflatable gems will add to your enjoyment by providing a platform to rest and relax, all while placidly floating on the surface of the … Read more

The Best Lifejacket for Kayak Fishing

The first thing you should be considering before you pull out your kayak into the local river isn’t your bait or all your fishing gear – it’s safety. Riding a kayak involves the likelihood that you’ll end up in the water sooner or later, and it’s imperative, therefore, to have on a personal flotation device … Read more

The Best Gardening Shoes

A functional pair of rain boots or some old plastic flip-flops might seem good enough for a day spent working in your garden, but you’re risking way more than the occasional blister and sore heels at the end of the day. The right gardening shoes not only keep all the nasties nature has to offer … Read more

The Best Camping Duffel Bag

We all like our luggage to be invincible against the elements, but never more so than when it comes to packing up for camping. Whether we’re trekking up rocky terrain, splashing across a stream or spying the ever-lurking threat of rain-clouds creeping closer to our camp-site, we need bags which are going to hold their … Read more