The Best Personal Water Filter for Backpacking

Choosing the right personal water filter for your next hiking or backpacking trip is an integral part of your preparations. Drinking contaminated water that contains harmful pathogens or chemicals will result in you falling sick in the middle of your camping trip or hike. Water is the most important substance that your body needs after … Read more

The Best Fan for Indoor Cycling

The one thing you’re going to want in an indoor training room – apart from a flat-screen TV and a mini-fridge of course – is proper ventilation. The physics is pretty simple – when you’re exerting yourself on your indoor cycling machine, your body is generating heat. This bubble of heat, if there’s no air … Read more

The Best String Lights for Weddings

String lights – whether we’re talking about fairy-lights, bistro lights, globe lights, the list goes on – are all but an integral part of any wedding’s décor. Whether you’re going for an outdoor, romantic affair under the starry night’s sky, an intimate backyard ceremony, or even an indoor event, the properly chosen decorative lights can … Read more

The Best Bird Feeder for Cardinals

Cardinals, with their striking scarlet plumage and black accents, are coveted guests for the avid bird-watcher. And one sure-fire way of attracting them into our backyard is pretty much what would lure us, too – food. These bright little birds love sunflower and safflower seeds, and feed well from trays, hoppers or platform feeders, since … Read more