The Best Combination Lock for Gates

A keyless combination lock at your gate can be a very handy device to keep your backyard secure. Having a keyed lock is not always practical, especially if you have children who need access to the yard. Having your gate locked provides a layer of security preventing uninvited guests or animals from wandering onto your property. With this … Read more

The Best TSA Approved Locks for Gun Cases

Among the most basic of safety protocols when it comes to owning firearms is keeping them well out of reach, unloaded and locked up, particularly away from kids. And when it comes to moving firearms via transport, especially by air, the need for security and safety is even higher. If you do a little background … Read more

The Best Moving Blankets for Soundproofing

Moving blankets may not be the miracle substitute for proper, sound cancelling noise-proofing that we might be looking for in home studios or recording booths, but given the right pick, they can be quite effective, and not to mention, affordable. If you practice music at home, are looking to go into video-recording from a studio … Read more

The Best Magnetic Screen Door for Dogs

Dogs can be hyperactive creatures, and even the most indolent of pups need their daily dose of exercise. This can become fatiguing, though, if it involves you constantly having to let your dog in and out. In fact, a dog-owner’s worst nightmare may easily be not managing to get the doors open in time, or … Read more