The Best Water Table for Toddlers

Using a water table is one of the best ways to help your child start feeling at ease around water. They offer lots of fun as part of cooperative play and are also a good opportunity for developing early motor skills and sensory awareness. Children’s water tables are usually portable which makes them easy to move … Read more

The Best Walkie Talkies for Boys

Walkie talkies are the perennial favorite childhood toy, especially for boys. They encourage fun play with others while stimulating the imagination, which is a far cry from the inactivity derived from today’s screened devices. Walkie talkies allow boys to be boys; they can play games, communicate discreetly and they can generally be enjoyed in an … Read more

The Best Toddler Life Vest

Swimming is a fun activity that should be enjoyed by everyone, including the little ones in your family. The earlier children get used to the water, the faster they learn how to swim. However, for you to safely introduce your toddler to the water, you need a secure and reliable life vest. The safety of … Read more