The Highest Rated Bug Zapper

Most of us tend to treat our homes as fortresses; the place we get to put up our feet and feel right at peace. That is usually the case until some uninvited visitors come calling in. In this case, that just happens to be bugs! Whether crawling or flying, bugs can be quite the menace. As you know, dealing with them is a whole other story. There are many products in the market that claim to do the job, but only a chosen few have been noted to actually be up to the task. Let us now look at which is the highest rated bug zapper from our review.

Aspectek Indoor 20W Bug Zapper

ASPECTEK Powerful 20W Electronic Insect Indoor Killer, Bug Zapper, Fly Zapper, Mosquito...
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If you’re looking for a great bug zapper, this device should be at the top of your list. Weighing around 3.5 pounds, this powerful insect killer is designed to be effective for both home and commercial use. It has two 10-Watt UV lights that are very effective in attracting flying insects, especially the annoying mosquitoes. After attracting said insects close to the powerful electronic grid, they’re zapped and killed instantly. The tray in which the dead insects are collected is quite user-friendly in that it is easily removable if and when you may want to clean it. Given that this zapper is chemical and odor-free, you can rest assured your personal space won’t be contaminated in the zapping process. Performance-wise, this bug killer is guaranteed to cover up to 6,000 square feet.

All you have to do is hang it by the wire chain on its design, or place it on a flat surface and voila! You’re done. The protective cage around the grid is an important and welcome safety feature. Those who have pets and/or children may worry about the powerful grid but with this cage, accidental contact is effectively prevented. Indeed, that would come in very handy. One issue with it, however, has to be the noise. Each time it kills a bug it produces a loud zap just like regular outdoor zappers. This could really be uncomfortable, especially if you have it in your room. All in all, requiring no additional maintenance other than regular cleaning paired with its great performance, the Aspectek 20-Watt Electric Indoor Insect Killer is a solid pick.

Koramzi Electric Mosquito Swatter

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This one is for those looking for good performance on a budget. Along with its unique racket shaped design, this device brags of weighing a measly o.4 pounds (6.4 ounces). With such light weight, this bug killer is sure to make zapping a walk in the park for you. Alternatively, its weight makes this zapper quite portable, and with portability, comes versatility. Whether you’re indoors relaxing or outdoors having a picnic with your family, this bug zapper is sure to protect you from any flying insects.

Performance-wise, this device requires 2 AA batteries to function. Additionally, it has a safety-light notification on it for safe handling. Whenever you press the ON button, the safety light glows red to show you that the device is ready for use. Two protective external layers effectively surround the zapper to protect both humans and pets against accidental power shocks. However, some have found it not to be quite effective, especially with larger bugs like wasps, which usually need multiple zaps to die effectively. With its portability, quality performance and low price, the Koramzi F-4 Electric Mosquito Swatter is quite the bargain. It is definitely worthy of being on our highest rated bug zapper list.

Flowtron Outdoor Electronic Bug Zapper

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage
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A brainchild of new technology, this is another effective insect killer. Being the smallest version of the product and unique for its lantern-style design, the Flowtron BK-15D weighs about 4.2 pounds. There’s a reason this device is the brainchild of new technology. Equipped with a 15-Watt bulb and non-toxic ultraviolet light, it continuously and effectively eliminates mosquitoes and a variety of biting flies within an impressive range of up to 1/2 an acre! Its patented non-clogging killing grid is the other impressive feature. It eliminates insect remains that are notorious for short-circuiting most units so as to guarantee you continuous high performance. Additionally, it is operated electrically hence an outdoor extension cord would come in handy in setting it up.

The insect killer’s high-impact construction has to be the icing on the cake. Since the device is meant to exclusively be for outdoor use, it boasts of a well constructed outer enclosure that is sure to prevent birds, pets or even wildlife from contact with the charged grid. However, the bug killer’s best strength also happens to be its biggest weakness. The fact that it is not recommended for use within 25-feet of human activity is quite a letdown for those looking to eliminate bugs indoors. Other than its exclusivity to the outdoors, the Flowtron BK-15D guarantees performance that is rivaled by few in the market.

Aspectek Indoor 40w Buz Zapper

ASPECTEK Electronic Bug Zapper 40W, Insect Killer - Mosquito, Fly, Moth Trap, Upgraded 20W...
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Another product from Aspectek, this highly-rated powerful bug killer is surely worth the mention. Weighing around 5.73 pounds, it is quite bigger than its 20-Watt counterpart. So, does the difference in size also mean a difference in performance? Apparently, yes. With a 40-Watt power rating, this bug zapper brags of a slightly higher power rating when it comes to performance. However, in terms of coverage area, both devices stand at 6,000 square feet. It essentially uses black light to attract flying insects (moths, flies, mosquitoes etc), and with the use of its high voltage metal grids, zaps and kills them instantly. Just like the 20-Watt option, it’s a chemical free insect killing alternative which makes it effective for use in indoor areas.

Maintenance is quite easy when it comes to this device. Since the electrical power grid has a self-cleaning feature, all you have to do is remove the washable plastic tray at the bottom, clean it, and then re-install it back to its original position. One shortcoming with it might be the fact that it can be very bright. If you’re trying to sleep and it’s in your bedroom, that wouldn’t be a welcome feature. Also, there’s the fact that it may be a little too big for a domestic house, depending on the size of your home. All in all, this is a great insect killer and makes our list for highest rated bug zapper. With its chemical-free, powerful performance, it deserves at least a look next time you go shopping.