The Best Toddler Winter Boots

It’s getting to be that time of the year again, where the winds get fierce, the air is rigid, and the backyard is full with white, fluffy, wet snow. Which means boots season. When it comes to picking out a boot, you will want to consider some crucial elements.

Comfort is a biggie for the little one. Are the boots too heavy, making it hard for them to gain any momentum in the snow? Are the boots easy to put on and take off?

This list will feature three boots that won’t break the bank. It’s holiday season and naturally that means people are already spending plenty of money. Why overspend when you can get a quality boot for an affordable price?

Possibly the most important of the three considerations. There’s nothing worse than wet feet during the cold season. Keep your child warm and comfortable by ensuring that their toddler boots are waterproof or water resistant.

Now that we have gone over some crucial things, we are ready to find your toddler a great pair of boots with the best winter toddler boots for this upcoming winter.

Tundra Quebec Boot

Tundra Unisex-Child Quebec Winter Boots, Black/Grey, 7 M US Toddler
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Don’t be fooled by Tundray’s “Quebec” boot, these boots are made in the U.S. Clearly they went with Quebec to reinforce the type of protection your toddler will have from the cold.

It’s a mid-calf winter boot, that meets the first item on the list, comfort.

The Tundra Quebec Boot is made with a two-tone finish, which means that your little one will be able to safely trek around in the snow and gain great traction. The elastic toggle is helpful in so many ways by sealing out moisture making the boot very breathable.

It does stand the elements of the cold as indicated. Designed for -30 degree, regardless if you live in Wyoming or Maine, your toddler’s feet will stay warm. Plus the stable felt lining assist in keeping their toes nice and toasty. The ankle strap really adds more protection as well, in keeping your toddler’s feet dry and heated.

Dry and durable, the waterproof and water resistant Tundra Quebec Boot is a popular choice among parents for obvious reasons. While being in the mid-range in price point, it is affordable, but made with all the quality materials you ask for to keep your child safe and having fun.

Northside Frosty Snow Boot

Northside Frosty Winter Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),Black,12 M US Little Kid
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Is it possible to find a pair of boots for under $20 these days? Absolutely, we took the guesswork out of that question and supplied you the answer and a solid pair of boots for this upcoming winter.

The Northside is a fun looking boot with over 40 colors to choose from, that will guarantee your child is going to be happy with one of them.

The top bungee cord closure on this boot is something parents are appreciating most about this boot. Essentially, the cord closure for this boot keeps wetness and snow out of your child’s boot but they can still play in it without concern. It also ensure the moisture doesn’t seep in and wear down the interior. The shell of the boot is waterproof as well.

For comfort and security, you’ll love the reflective heel and arch ankle support which really lets your kidoo tread easily and safely. There’s a strip running down the heel that reflects so that your child becomes more visible as well.

You don’t have to worry about fighting this boot. It’s an easy on and off with hook and loop strap across the ankle saving you from time and hassle. The soft thermal lining inside are solid and perfectly seamed, which will help keep your child’s feet warm.

Runner Up: Columbia’s Mini Mid11 WP Snow Boat (B00HBKO218)

Columbia Minx Mid II WP Snow Boot

Columbia Minx Mid II WP Snow Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid), Black/Iceberg,1 M US Little Kid
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So this boot doesn’t come with as many options or colors to choose from, which is kind of the reason it made runner, but it’s a Columbia, which really speaks for itself. It’s also fairly affordable at mid-price range. The color choices are pink, Iceberg and black, which are still fun and wintery.

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight boot for your child because the other pair were too heavy, then this is the one coming in at a light 2.6 pounds. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear while playing in the snow.

The 200 gram insulation on the boot is inner woven, which provides some of the best temperature protection within the industry standards. Parents love the breathability of the boot and the omni-tech breathable membrane gives that edge to this Columbia snow boot.

No slip and great traction as well, this boot is made with an omni-grip non marking rubber outsole which has been tested for durability, strength, and slippery surfaces. Needless to say, your child will hold up better on the ice than you probably will.

The Columbia Mini definitely will keep your child’s feet dry and deter moisture as it is water woven with synthetic textile. A great boot from a great company at a fair price.

Final Words
These three boots are a good choice and either one will make a great addition on your toddler’s feet. They are top-rated, and customers swear by them. When it comes to protecting your child when they are outside, keeping them warm and dry, while allowing them to comfortably play and have fun, any one of these boots will provide that as a great choice for a winter boot.