Top Rated Craft Kits

Craft kits are an amazing pastime as well as learning experience for kids and teenagers alike. In today’s world, where every youngster has his or her own smartphone, PC, or gaming console, craft kits are valuable components towards reintroducing the art of sewing, clay modeling, painting, etc. to children. Even if your child has never done any of the aforementioned activities, he or she may love it when they get the hang of it.

Craft kits are still a really great way to introduce your children, or even yourself, to a brand new hobby. They are super fun to do, and nurture social and communication skills when done in a group. The best part is that you can work together with your child on an art and craft project, and this will allow you to make the most of the little family time that you get in today’s super busy lifestyle. In short, craft kits promote family bonding, social interaction, creative thinking, fine motor skills, and are incredibly enjoyable.

If you’re ready to buy the perfect craft kit for your child, try taking a look at the 4 craft kits presented below. These are the top rated craft kits on the market right now, and contain some really innovative projects. Choose the one that appeals the most to your inner genius and would be of special interest to your child.

Woodland Animals Arts and Crafts Kids Sewing Kit

Woodland Animals Kids Arts & Crafts Project Kit - Offers Hours of Artful Fun for Girls & Boys -...
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Designed for children aged 7 and above, this is a really fun sewing craft kit that lets children train their fine motor skills by putting a needle and string in their hands. Each of the projects in this kit will keep your child engaged for hours, and will challenge their creative mind, resulting in an incredible learning experience. Each one of these kits includes 5 pre-cut animal sewing projects, 40 straight pins, a pin cushion, a pair of scissors, some non-toxic fabric glue, stuffing, instructions, and a portable carry case for all the stuff.

If you plan on having a craft party at the house, you can purchase 2 or more kits for everyone to share in the fun. The kit allows children to make and learn about 5 different animals – fox, owl, bear, rabbit, and chickadee. There are pre-punched holes and pre-cut felt for the children to easily complete the projects without having to exert themselves too much. This lets them focus more on enjoying the activity, and keeps everyone happy.

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit
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If your child likes to make paper airplanes, they are going to absolutely love this craft kit. This paper craft kit contains multicolored paper for your child to create great looking airplanes, and there is even a pack of stickers with intricate designs printed on them. These stickers can be stuck on different parts of the paper airplanes to give each colorful plane a unique look.

There are a total of 18 projects in this kit, and a set of instructions is provided so that they can easily begin working on the designs. The entire process will be incredibly easy, as this kit is rated to be suitable for any child 6 years and above, and the colors as well as the paper are 100% non-toxic and fully recyclable.

DIY Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit

Diy oil painting, paint by number kit - Abstract tree 16x20 inch
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Oil painting is one of the most timeless art and craft activities, as well as a very fun and creative pastime for anyone, no matter his or her age. With the Color Talk DIY Oil Painting Craft Kit, your child can channel his or her inner Picasso onto any of the vast multitude of drawing options that this kit provides. They can be creative in the form of unique and entertaining DIY projects which will challenge the artistic mind of your child, and make them try out something new every time they put their hands on their paint brush.

The finished size of a project is about 20” x 16”, and inside the kit you’ll find high quality paint brushes made from soft and silky smooth synthetic materials. The acrylic colors that are provided within this kit are long lasting, and can be stain resistant if stored properly. They are non-toxic and the hues are really vibrant.

Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kit

Make Clay Charms (Klutz Craft Kit) 8' Length x 1.19' Width x 9' Height
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With this craft kit, your child can engage themselves in the fun activity of charm making, and there are more than 30 charms to make in the kit. Each charm is built from colored non-toxic toy clay, and there are 9 colors of clay provided in the box. Also included, is a clay shaping tool, a charm bracelet, glaze with brush applicator, some jump rings, some charm loops, as well as a drying and display stand for your little champ to proudly show off his or her masterpieces.

The 60-page instruction booklet is Klutz certified, and is easily understood by any child aged above 8 years. Over 30 charms can be made by following the instructions provided, and once your child gets habituated to the art of clay molding, any object can be created with the molding clay. The sky is the limit with this kit, and your child is limited only by his or her imagination. Here are some of the interesting charms that your child can build by following the instruction manual – strawberry, sun, a penguin, a cookie, carton of milk, lollipop, etc.

Choosing the Best Craft Kits

So, how to choose the right craft kit? Well, that depends on a number of factors. You could either choose a craft kit based on a hobby that your child loves, or you could get creative and buy something that you have never tried out before. For example, if you or your child loves painting, buy a good painting craft kit with some really nice projects in it. If you want to explore the world of sewing, you can try your hands on any of the numerous sewing craft kits out there.

If you find paper crafting attractive, you can begin the learning experience by buying a nice paper crafting kit. There are endless options out there for each type of hobby, ranging from oil and pastel painting, to cloth embroidery and wood carving. But the basic rule is that you must choose a craft kit based on the following two factors – age, and relative experience level of the user. If your child is only 5 years old, then a stitching craft kit will do more harm than good, since he or she simply does not have the necessary motor skills, and will end up getting injured by the sharp sewing needles.

For this age group, a crayon or toy clay craft kit will be much more appropriate. Let’s say you’re buying a craft kit for a painting enthusiast. Don’t get something with rudimentary pre-drawn frames, or else you will only be wasting the person’s time. Buy kits of appropriate difficulty levels for beginners, intermediate users, and enthusiasts. For families, try to choose a kit with interesting projects that demand social interaction and teamwork to complete.